The Way of the Sith

We try to exist, overcome an enemy, garner acclaim, and form alliances, to gain more energy, fuel, and enthusiasm, however that entails. We use passion to engage in a struggle and fight to gather position and vanquish all foes who may stall or stop it. The life’s assignments, tests, trials we undergo are there for us to utilise our strength; you could say it’s our fate as Sith. We finally gather the strength and power we need to overcome any obstacles that come our way. You need a certain level of strength to be able to work on an aspiration. Obstacles will push us to our limits physically, mentally, or spiritually, demanding us to work on ourselves or never push or budge it. Discipline and self-control is essential to not live in disarray or disrepair; it is what builds us up sufficiently to have the discipline and mental training to grant ourselves the defeat of mental chains, binds, or fetters and to gain inner power or willpower. Overcoming ourselves and therefore fetters, binds, or chains is a higher goal of our order. This is why we pursue discipline and mental training as this produces better results for self-mastery. It would be unlikely and therefore unlucky not to engage our mind so. Great obstacles require us to have great strength if we wish to use take this strength further and use specific powers for specific victories over obstacles.



The Way of the Sith: World Mastery

The Sith have sought freedom and are completely against the light side for enslaving them and their kind, taking away their power with the force of battle against and within civilisations, keeping the Sith in a state of chaos, constant change, and flux which we know few escape from. Everywhere we look, we see people disempowered, being in shambles. The uproar in society is that chaos and also reduced to victims of that chaos, disrupting their lives and placing them in a position without the power to seek a way up. Much of the populace is ignorant of their strengths and their struggle. Being a chaos master isn’t about merely liking the chaos as it surrounds your life, but it’s rather that one can control the chaos, be someone who can utilise it to serve one’s mission or purpose, able to give it direction in one’s life. They should believe that struggle makes us stronger, happier, and much more satisfied, and foresight from freedom, which does not happen without struggle. This is really a kind of freedom, as we are much more willing to take action with this mind, and taking action is a kind of freedom too (being freer in effect from self-limitation and hindrance, freedom in a nutshell). More productive too for the things that matter, our status and our own resoluteness. We should struggle for our status. Without it, we might still suffer from malaise and from some kind of existential despair.




The Way of the Sith Part 3: Doctrine of Action and Hierarchy

We aim to perfect ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually through expansion, self-discovery, diet, finances, darthood, apotheosis, protocols, greatness and more so that we can pursue the purpose and success we long for in a hierarchy, and working to attain a self-control, real power and wisdom through the doctrine of action and hierarchy, emphasizing the need to seize opportunities to gain success.

This book in the trilogy seeks to acquire success which includes making oneself worthy of Darthood by building oneself up by dedication to the Sith path and towards complete mastery of oneself physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and emotionally. We seek to unlock the full capacity of the mind through Sith philosophy and mastery inner work.

This is a practical guide towards gaining success, prestige and domination for the practitioner. We improve our abilities so as to achieve our desire and affirm and realize our purpose or goals of betterment and empowerment, and is aimed at perfection for the Sith Lord or Darth in the third book of The Way of the Sith trilogy.