The Sith Persona For Enduring Trials and Tribulations

This is a chapter that will be featured in the upcoming third book in the trilogy, The Way of the Sith Part 3: Doctrine of Action and Hierarchy

he Sith favor the resilience, fortitude and develop a mindset prepared to deal with challenges because this can be your greatest strength as a Sith. never forget what makes you strong and differentiates you from others. The Sith is always looking for ways to manipulate his or her internal and external world that leads to their growth, to their empowerment, to often get their way and extend ones will. The road most often travelled by normies is comfort. That is not the way of the Sith. Uncomfortable should be the way of life we cultivate for ourselves, to be challenged, and face trial and tribulation with that sense of passion. Which basically means we don’t let external things and events to move us this way and that, to resist trends and common fears that can manipulate us if we let it. We can learn subtlety and to manipulate our internal or external world but never let undue influence in anyway shape or form limit your growth or disempower you, i.e. causes you to work against your own goals and desires for your self-development or growth, by passivity, meekness, balance, selflessness, desire to please or self-sacrifice for the benefit of the status quo and those already in positions of influence and wealth, who already used Sith-like mentality, secrecy, patience and subterfuge to get, rather than relying on good reputation alone.

Such things is the way the world actually works, that passion fuels you and your goals. Fuel your passion and go onto trials and tribulations with a strong regard for feeling good and to elevate you day to day, don’t let the judgments or opinions of others manipulate your internal state towards the “values” of peace and harmony. Such things cannot work because then someone else’s purpose and goals will be fulfilled, and your own will be squandered, ignored or dismissed and thus you will not actualize your personality and individuality to its fullest and realize your goals. Often times putting others before yourself will cause their will to be fulfilled and leave you behind, thus endangering your development in order to uphold the status quo and to perpetuate a false sense of peace. A big part of this means having that Sith persona should be centered around being formidable and putting one’s purpose and perception before all others, this will help us build the fortitude to deal with difficulties and self-control, which is our inner strength to resist being pressured or forced into things we don’t wish to respond to in a way that violates our beliefs, creed, code or values.

Mental fortitude is concerned with becoming aware of our abilities, having the right motivation to deal with adversity, and amplifying our emotions to an extent that one can deal with any situation at any moment if we choose the right emotion for the purposes we hold, which means seeing the bigger picture and knowing when to act, this is wise action, using the right emotion for realizing the part of the bigger picture that means doing whats right in accord with our personal values, that is the point of ones purpose which serves the universal utility, which means maximising reward and overcome and master pain. Mental fortitude then is preperation for building up willpower through the extrapolation of what it means to be hardened due to struggle, which means we don’t give in to difficulties or privations of anykind and really use that discomfort or difficulty to grow our mental muscle to control our mind and body in a much greater way. Mental fortitude is a essential characteristic of Sith strength and makes each Sith ready to confront their foes, or atleast prepared to deal with them when the time is appropriate, when the plan has one in a advantageous position or when the subject of your desire is already taken before the enemy can guard. Or to inspire awe in those that are of great interest to our vision. This is so that we can have supporters or people to vouch for us and to have them working on creating products or strategy for achieving the purposes or goals we have in store for the company or organization. This invaluable expertise and labor will be what saves the Sith in some circumstances when many our doubting in the new ways forward.

Fortitude will help you deal with such situations or experiences whenever it arises, but fortitude is also to build up the willpower to control your mind and body enough to push through long interviews and discussions where our vision is being attacked or criticized harshly. Its also necessary for long work hours of inner work or professional obligations where we are being strenuously tested, in all these situations our true purposes are being realized through our willpower and efforts alone. This strength of fortitude for building up willpower stands upto the trials and tribulations of whatever our foes or doubters wish to claim, as such to be fully prepared one must work on understanding strength and realizing ones persona or one must be able to portray oneself strongly with the principles on occasion, to spend long hours in the stressful situations and to help build ourselves up. This is the exploration of fortitude, the elaboration on the strength element.

A Sith must regard himself or herself as formidable.

The Jedi see themselves as paragons of selflessness and sacrifice for a common set of goals which they share amongst a limited pool of Jedi and religious people. But while that may achieve results from time to time, it does not scale well. What the Sith believe in contrary to the Jedi is that we while have our own dogma and ideology, we don’t necessarily need one to feel strong. The Sith believe that they can achieve the possible if its part of our nature to. Willpower is self-control, we know we can master ourselves through the inner control and which creates inner strength to make things the way we want them to be, by becoming strong we promote the idea that mastery over ourselves by gaining the inner control necessary from our self-development philosophy and training, to create the reality we need or want. Inner control through mastering ourself is what sets us apart from others through the Sith philosophy and training, to have greater effort and motivation, and recognize the idea that that we love or enjoy with a definite purpose for our habits, techniques and rituals that will develop your inner strength. Competition can also develop our inner strength and perfection in many different ways, such as physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and towards getting accomplishments and resilience.

The Sith believe their better versions of themselves when are freed from boundaries, restrictions and limitations.

The Jedi are merely servants, servile and passive people who are satisfied with little and will not clamor for the higher recognize their good performance and to get power that can be gotten in the grand scheme of things even when they are suitable and good enough to reach higher. Ambition, achievement and success is what where constantly wanting others to see in us and to personally acquire, the Sith are not petty or panderers, they aren’t there to tell everyone how to live their own lives on a broad range of subjects. The Sith’s wild difference is that everyone should do what is in their nature to do, without external restrictions that provides “checks” on actions that have universal utility so that they see nobody else as a authority figure but themselves, they have true freedom freed from the reign of boundaries like common fears, trends and societal pressures, and limitations are the thoughts that are maladaptive or weighs us down and are mentally/psychologically painful (fetters). They are free to be arbiters of their own destiny and will not grovel to anyone and bend the knee for the any reason. In other words, Sith recognize they are sovereign.

Sith are experienced and to seek to quest for new purpose and aims, to take advantage new opportunities and prove themselves to get the things he or she wants.

The Jedi are forbidden to experience much things, like intimate love, possessions, drinking places and entertainment centers that serve alcohol, but they at least serve others. The Sith serve others when there is a desire that can be satisfied that can bring them personal power, wealth or respect, i.e. when something is in it for them. They serve the flag or nation when those interests align with their own. Nothing less and nothing more. Thus Sith can feel and experience many more things that are satisfying and that can have opportunities to prove ones purpose/power that Jedi are unwilling to. The Sith acolyte is being molded to utilize personal freedoms and find and exercise self-improvement at all costs, the code teaches us what to want. Through self-improvement the acolyte eventually learns what it takes to prove himself or herself in a way that translates to outcomes/results.

Sith choose aesthetics and bland or uniform imagery.

The Sith have a powerful hierarchy, passion and action symbolic colors and clothing, banners and organization, where we seek to create a mystique and ordering symbols that reflect our longings for the world and our organization. We are like living shadows and so the mystique and aura of dominance will be reflected as such through our design mentality.

Sith believe in performance over social stigma based on inborn characteristics or upbringing.

The Sith don’t believe in equal opportunity because in nature there is no such thing. We are all different and thus perform differently, therefore we seize and take over things with different levels of ability. Equal opportunity is equality that removes all privilege or advantage of family like inheritance and education. Thus we take care of ourselves better and take advantage of opportunities better then a normal person would, or even see opportunities there where others see nothing of value. Thus Sith are opportunity seekers and wealth creators. Jedi are passive, balance seeking and meek. They are worthless in a world where strength aims to rule by being the best and at times, the most powerful. The Sith are more tolerant and employ anyone they can in their quest to topple ancient foes. Jedi are selective and instead recede in the background of many of the people’s affairs. They wish to be above and wise enough to only intervene when necessary, Sith are always involved in priorities of the people. So they will get those people involved sometimes to give them work, rations, labor and arms. Thus Sith are usually much more inclusive of differing points of view and even primitive peoples. We allow differing religions, professions, regions, heritage, values, education, wealth and qualifications into our ranks. We are not our race, gender, ethnicity, family or socialised selves, but rather they are what they allow to affect their performance. All we care about is whether you claim strength and conquer weakness, if you cannot then step aside for those that can prove their worth.

Sith operate in the shadows, they will gather people to do the hard work for self-interested and desirable reasons and they fix their errors promptly.

We operate in the shadows, which means we are constantly taking a hard look at what works and what doesn’t to get people to join us. Yes we learned that “questioning/attack/dispute” works best, to prove who is better in a arena where they are suited against someone who is around the same in terms of characteristics/traits and/or strength. We learned quickly then and had to learn the hard way, by making mistakes. Jedi didn’t learn from their millennia of success, it got them no where in the end because they lacked the vast network of agents and supporters, freelancers and the like that worked on specific goals (that where in it for them of course) but some that are very important to the Sith like gain rulership of certain areas, overthrow the republic, gain personal power, acquire vast wealth, gain respect and prestige, to gain admiration from those lower in the hierarchy by having the chance to lead excursions into unknown worlds/systems. Ultimately to gain freedom in the sense of differentiation or personality recognition, seperate themselves from those who lack desire to grow and to get personal justice whenever the system failed to uphold that justice (transgressions may require punishment).

The Sith are not hypocrites, and practice what they say they know. Putting things to the test always.

The Jedi where hypocrites and never allowed their ideals to overcome slavery. They talked a good game, but often left behind many dead and wounded in the schemes to promote republic values of peace, but that often meant unecessary wars against nations that only marginally fought for their honor and justice to protect and safeguard their people’s respect and dignity. But the Jedi got involved in recruiting essentially slave armies to fight against self-interested/capitalistic factions of the Seperatists that need more living space and want to protect their own. The Sith strive for survival and thriving and flourishing, will do whatever it takes to achieve that first principle of social order. They will fight for their right to survive when the republic is unwilling or unable to take action.

Sith take invigorating action, and never rest on their laurels or become stagnant once goals are attained.

Jedi Order has all of the power- a massive temple, government money, and fame. But they lack inward power. The Sith had to rely on the Rule of Two and now we rely on the Rule of Many. We only have the resources that we can get scheme to get our hands on or make deals in regards to mutually beneficial circumstances or when shared self-interested goals are at stake, like making power, wealth and respect is to be earned. The moral quandary they have none because what they do is they never give in and never accept defeat. To Sith, we never sit on our laurels and debate upon what we should “ideally” do, we just do it and keep going irregardless of what others sit and complain or whine about.

Sith have focus and single-mindedness on pursuing rulership and acquiring personal or political power. Every decision must further our power as the tenet goes.

The Jedi focus too much on diverging opinions, negotiation and compromise. The Sith deal in opportunity and practical realities and thus focus on getting results, proving themselves and getting backing no matter what it takes to get out on top. To win and succeed. They see failure as shameful and try to rectify their mistakes and move on. The Jedi order sees multiple mission objectives that aren’t based on always getting a concrete result as the best use of their time like trying to hunt down crime syndicates, hunt down slavers, hunt down dark siders, hunt down religious extremists, hunt down rebels against the Republic. They couldn’t make up their minds most of the time where all their resources should go, and instead of focusing on one threat that is the biggest and most expensive to the Republic, they chose to do be hands-off type leadership, that refused to apply resources single-mindedly. Under a “Many” rulership we all compete and in the end we all unite to break the chains and create social order for the strong to rule, actually rule and divvy up resources by their importance and urgency. Sith are focused on acquiring power to succeed and win against their foe, the Jedi are completely unfocused and share a weak track record of getting things completed.

We the Sith aid in cultivating people’s potential, people who have helped themselves can then help the order, flag, nation, empire and greater power struggles, of course for oneself primarily to transform oneself.

The Sith value the cultivation of those who are gifted, talented, high-valued intellects, resourceful and prominent in the game of their choosing. Gaining powerful new adherents who can challenge the monolithic Jedi Order was a prominent focus of all Sith because without people who can hugely help themselves, they can’t have people who will then be able to help the order and the world’s struggle to overcome the biggest foe/enemy. We wish to grow the talents and skills of our most favored and powerful people because then that will mean they can do more and have more time to work on other things when they have the potential and money for it. They can then invest and spend time on things that aren’t as narrow, and help out with common purpose and goals of expanding the growth of the membership attracting, recruitment, propaganda, efforts to build up ideology, organization and materials, become appealing through their symbolic memetics and art, and so forth. We want potential to grow in order to have something that can better self-development, growth and transformation, transform into what? A Darth of great mastery, power and talent with the strength to lead by example and set the record straight, who has accomplished and succeeded the most and gain rulership by his or her own hand.

The Sith are strong in the force. Greater understanding of the dark side and of ourselves comes only through self-awareness that we choose to gain by our self-mastery steps and strictness towards ourselves.

We take energy not for granted but we will aim to cultivate greater energy and therefore greater passion or power, and gain access to knowledge, understanding and devotion not allowed to those of previous ages. The gnosis that gains one spiritual energy and strength that can further the process of mastery further. That self-awareness and through this the gaining of self-knowledge, a Sith is able at some point to break all chains and double his or her power, gaining the motivation to create organization and power centers to our magnificence and will. Erecting greater structures and centers of commerce for the people, and to put more people to work. For the Sith are value earning merit through ones efforts and empowerment. This is essential and cannot be abridged for any reason whatsoever, our self-development and growth must be the focal point for many other changes and self-orientation, even when social order must be made, we still must think of how it would or could be of benefit for individuals like ourselves. We must be able to seek self-mastery in many ways to gain the self-awareness we claim is necessary for further self-development and growth, and of course to then transform into the best version of ourselves, stronger and better then ever before.

A Sith takes ownership of the actions because that creates the circumstances or immediate environment he finds himself in nearly every instance, and avoids the misattributing of blame onto others and failure to learn, develop, study and grow.

The idea stems from Buddhist and Stoic teachings which stand the test of time, telling us we analysis and think about whether to internalize someone else’s judgments, we are after all complicit in the opinions and judgments of others, we don’t necessarily owe anyone anything, we don’t owe people kindness or to be babying them. People will only expect you to give them something, they will learn to expect those things all the time and move into their comfort zone. Your priorities will be trampled on. In which case we will run from what causes you pain or fear. Neglecting your own priorities to attend to others lacks a certain self-care. You come first, then the rest of the world. You will be seen as a authority figure, but they will start to see you as opposite by offloading responsibilities onto you without the corresponding respect because they know your a doormat. People will exclude you from friendships. As they will see you as a employee or servant rather than a collaborator. You’ll attract needy people, who don’t pull their weight. We discourage a person from using the greatest tool for growth, learning from conflict, adversity, failure and meager results, which is a essential learning experience to correct any problematic behavior.

Rather we acknowledge that we take responsibility for our actions, which means we value the goals we set and the price we must pay to get there. We own the consequences of our decision-making and direct our course accordingly by the result, outcome, and circumstances we build for ourselves. That course of self-mastery and Sith approach of direction always stems self-honesty and accountability, otherwise we won’t take ownership of what occurs and incur the same problems, obstacles and troubles as before, we won’t begin the process of accountability to accept things as they are as the necessary step before adopting the belief that our power of choice is always there, we can choose how to respond to do what benefits and suits us, and then work adopting the habits, rituals, techniques or whatever else we need to in order to find a alternative route around or through the obstacles. So accountability is at the root of working with the daily tribulations of personal battles and rivalry/strife. We’re in a position to learn from interaction and conflict to better understand the force, otherwise we remain stagnant and passive, letting others grow stronger and more perfect with each passing day they challenge themselves and put themselves up against others of similar characteristics, qualities or talents. Thus we’re beyond reproach if we see error and correct it ourselves, we’re a learning and adapting machine after all, reproach exists for those who refuse to learn from their mistakes and pain, who don’t see their programming and conditioning is controlling their response unfavorably, where we get triggered easily and often don’t take advantage of opportunity when its there ready for the taking.

A Sith puts his or her will and mission before all others.

We don’t need to be told that all of life is a game, if it is a game then its a game of adopting a mindset and choosing career options that can provide the necessary learning environment for acquiring high skill and knowledge. If you put yourself first circumstances and choices like this are bound to be favored and will become necessary if you value your self-development as we assuredly do. Your purpose and perception is a magnifying glass on your power and passion. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, you are there to satisfy your purpose and mission to acquire infinite power and expand the empire of your own and of us all.

A sense of individualism also works as a Sith persona; to acquire personal sovereignty, to gain personal and financial independence, weakness leads to hate, hate leads to anger to break weaknesses, conflict is the best path towards acquiring self-knowledge, never surrendering when faced with difficulties, challenges or adversaries, and don’t let anyone get in the way unless its to your future benefit, Sith our natural problem-solvers, the real power is the power of one, groups have weak links which reduces fighting capability and organized team work due to the individual members arrogance, incompetence or stupidity, never let sympathy override your burning desire for victory, and only power is forever so never reject any piece of power you get.

Also a Sith persona and describing our ideology of individualism can be described as; never denying power or passion, learning to listen to your passions, never failing to live upto your sense of duty which is obligation to restoring order that must be desirable and for your benefit, to never be ignorant of your emotions and abilities, confront your fears and face all adversity with courage, and to have a sense of competitive spirit so that we work for things like wealth, respect and power, or of course build your honor to acquire territory, extend their will, gain valuable resources and push back perceived competitors and foes out of contested territory, always prize a culture of freedom, to take short cuts, to show laziness, to procrastinate may lead to failure and as Sith that is unacceptable, a Sith is never ignorant and will seek study and research for knowledge or gnosis anywhere he can get inspiration and understand his own nature better, and wherever it can be put to use strive to be successful in the conflict over circumstance.

Taking responsibility for your circumstances and spiritual sovereignty our actions shape our immediate environment and the surroundings, also we are responsible for any programming that’s limiting or restricting on our growth or power we have not undone and so on.

Some people think that antinomianism is Sith-like, breaking of cultural and social norms and conditioning to live in accordance with a system that may not have your best interests in its sights by demanding obedience, compliance, and instilling uncertainty and self-doubt. I personally see antinomianism is basically a true principle but this principles that carries with it a strong stigmatization, reproach and shame associated with those kinds of lifestyles that reject cultural and social norms, in particular opposition to victimhood being the big one that probably might get one into hot water in polite society. As such I would caution people to not be anti-influence by willingness to just break any norm whenever and wherever. But I see in a personal private life that the breaking of social norms may break down the deep subconscious buried conditioned kind of associations that are meant to make someone fearful, ashamed or guilty about violating certain norms which if freed from could be beneficial to you. By inquiring into the provision of solutions, all to be problem-solvers, for conquering a particular problem is going to be the source for gaining greater recognition for success, therefore prestige. Thus this suggestion is all about avoiding victimhood mentality, and embrace behavioral and practice driven knowledge.

The point I’m making is that all systems are defined by their ability to adhere to will without violating what is considered valued universally by society, but the strong got where they are because they further the goals they value and create without overstepping boundaries, but eventually even the strong will lose pace or become out of touch or start exploiting the base that economically or idealistically support them. To avoid these situations from occurring the strong have to have a hierarchy that does not easily make people empowered enough to overthrow them, be it via initiation, trial, conquest, experiences and growth, by teaching them too much philosophy, psychology and mythology that creates a foundation for all things beneficial to become accrued and the proximity to stage the physical conflict against the strong, to get even more benefits they believe are withheld and to reduce pain and suffering. But by demolishing everything they destroy the thinkers, mystics, warriors and gurus that made the social order practically real, such as symbolically, politically, economically and physically represented, for the populace. If everyone just fends for themselves then that order quickly breaks down or becomes replaced by a peace based system, and therefore it quickly devalues breaking the chains and principles of social order given physical form by a Sith lord.

The world should be more suited for all; building ourselves up by never give in or surrender to those that challenge us and our beliefs, the core of our struggle, that is, acquiring perfection through self-development, growth and transformation which will accrue benefits. The pursuit of philosophy, psychology, mythology and the occult through study, reflection and transformation that will allow us to transcend our limitations and may gain important points of inspiration, empowerment, initiation and trials, and self-knowledge is gained by the self-centered spirituality and expansion of consciousness offered by masters of the left-hand path ritual work, self-knowledge is built up by self-awareness. And of course to build up the spirit and reach the attainment of our ideal, the Overman or Ubermensch. How we move closer to this realization on our path is to pursue self-control, enhancing power over self, exaltation of ourselves through adopting a beliefs and example of a Sith or well-known historical figure, elevation, the achievement of further self-development, growth and transformation along a path. Self-control, exaltation and elevation of ourselves through apprenticeship to help formalize our self-development. Gradually this becomes so normal that you forget you are doing it. It becomes as easy as breathing. Persona is principles adjacent to our pursuit of overcoming trials and tribulations. Some may prioritize this over other goals, but irregardless of the opinions on this we firmly believe that perfection and emulating the beliefs, methods and techniques of persona that’s renewed and fulfilled through our focus on ourselves and much of the work to realize our goals, to develop ourselves in mind and body.

I can also say that Sith realism is about testing everything, and always looking for solutions to problems that exist around you or in the social order you reside in and care about if it involves you. Because it includes you in it and you desire what benefits or suits you that its continued existence will be infused with positive reframing of circumstances, experiences, situations and such from negative to overwhelmingly positive. Don’t let yourself be made into a mere pretender and onlooker in our struggle.

When Jedi are taught to meditate on the chaos that they feel they are above or beyond, they are really denying the fears that perennial stalk their subconscious, infiltrating onto the conscious side as being in fear, which leads to anxiety and denial of the self and the need to confront the cause. That fear that is most relevant to chaos in the lives of most people is the fear of the unknown. In the chaos is where you are affected by insecurities, dislikes, phobias, what you loathe that determine the anxious thoughts of misfortune and trouble. So how do we get through the chaos?

As Sith we must embrace the chaos. Anxiety also come comes from anticipation of negative events and the fear of misfortune that we convince ourselves is likely, what we cannot predict but we concern ourselves with these impressions of something that we expect will happen that is a loss, pain, failure or rejection. We can embrace this chaos in order to be creating a more refined passion, that will help immunize us against the greater difficulties we are surely going to face.

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