The Sith Code – An Important Mantra and Guideline

Peace is not just the opposite of war and conflict, it also the opposite of stillness we know does not exist, and its also competing versions over contradictory aspects of peace that influence the light side to rejecting conflict, instilling inaction in the servile people and opposition and restriction on expressions of freedom, but also peace is what you feel when you’ve reached all your goals and we, as Sith, never want to find ourselves complacent and content with no urge to achieve anything greater.
Passion can make many forms; love, hate, longing, friendship, lust – all things that we are stem from the concept of passion. A passionate love for something or a passionate hate for something are the two most likely drivers behind any self improvement (though this may come in the detriment of others). Both are therefore the most common and most powerful reasons that strength can be gained and they are tools of arriving at your strength. Any endeavour towards self-improvement is at its core, its genesis, spawned from passion. Sometimes enjoyment is the driver of self-improvement, but often times love, novelty and curiosity is stronger passions. Our strength as sith is deeply rooted into our wants, the stronger we feel about something the more strength we have. We must endeavor to understand the world is constant chaos and any trial we face only will lead to us becoming stronger. Yuthura Ban said it best “Without strife, your victory has no meaning. Without strife, you do not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation.” Next strength and power are tied, as illustrated in this quote where you must develop yourself first before power can be yours before your will extends to others; “You must begin by gaining power over yourself; then another; then a group, an order, a world, a species, a group of species… finally, the galaxy itself.”
Why do we seek power for those wondering about this topic still? The power is to gain victory over your mental and sometimes physical chains in the form of arbitrary restrictions and self-imposed slavery. We after realizing our true potential that is inherent to the strength we used to obtain it. Just like gain and advantage is inherent to the path of power, we finally recognize that domination and prestige is required to gain you even more respect, admiration and servitude to grant you even bigger victories and freedom yet. What would that entail? The clout to remain at the top of the hierarchy due to being indispensable due to your personality, persona and traits, the strength to grant yourself influence by compelling others through your magnetic personality and dominating presence and because of your inner work, ritual work, productive enterprise work, commmunity work, political work, this means the influence making being your bread and butter that you have to work your strengths into. This may require wisdom to know what to tap into i.e. knowing what people desire and being able to make the right promises to obtain their desire or being a beacon of truth thus influencing their will, perception or outlook. Will is required and so is anger to demolish external barriers or obstacles in your way, a greater power is obtained and that will aid you greatly in getting your way often.
The strength is the effort and motivation towards improving oneself and put effort into what we do, to then aid us in achieving your goals and strive towards acquiring victories. The drive, motivation and the ability to perform despite limitations or move forwards even in spite of limitations. Strength is not always physical, it can be mental or social – the strength to alter your own nature and the strength to push through mental chains, to help you realize or achieve your goals and acquiring victories. This is a important part of inner strength, which helps us gain strength to be compelling, garner experience, gain respect and admiration, with an mindset and framing that tells us why we can accomplish the possible, the external strength necessary to perform well in groups or two’s particularly when everyone must perform their task well (such as being inspiring and motivating, charisma, compassion or leadership to explain mutual benefit, lead by example and exhort shared experiences). Thus early success stories and breakthroughs in our fields, and that strength is what is important to move forwards toward fulfilling our self-development and potential, and work on achieving our goals when a victory is in sight.
The strong are able to advance and grow, they can acquire the power to get what they really want and gain and advance forwards to their goals. A sith should always strive for more power, there should never be an end to the amount of power one wants to obtain. Power is a device to deliver you to the edge of influencing, which will grant you the keys to acquire domination and prestige, to gain success and to be able to get your way as the correct course of events. Yuthura Ban stated “To be a Sith is to taste freedom and to know victory.” stating the obvious that its at the centre of what we are striving to achieve by wielding power, lusting and craving for that power and tasting freedom by our separation from others by delving into our own persona and personality, and by indifference to trial and tribulation or to even enjoy conflict, whenever it shows what we’re truly capable of. We must always seek victory in what we do, we must never falter or compromise in our tasks.
“Through victory my chains are broken“. What is the true meaning of this line? The process of acquiring mastery is not instant – the mastery of the Sith’s individual nature to be unfettered and unbroken requires alot of inner work, meditation, pathfinding, ritual work, magickal and occult study and research. This to me marks the true accession of Darth, the free of one’s past hindrance, the freedom from the chains and the complete mastery of oneself. This ties into the last line “The force shall set me free“. This last line carries with it a real weight because it means that because a Darth will know what is a illusion and what is reality, understand the nature of the dark side, acquire general knowledge about the Sith Code, gaining self-honor and respect so others can copy and credit the person, help others on a similar path break their shackles and understanding, and help personify a Sith persona better to live in accordance with the principles that allow us to endure trials and tribulation of Dark Lords, dominate through asymmetrical power so that others will want to copy and imitate what may be found beneficial, but also seeking what is subjective and suitable to that individual only. The Darth worked his way to become who he or she is through self-glorification; acquiring general knowledge of the Sith code, acquire a Sith persona for enduring trials and tribulations, understands his role and post and works towards realizing his goals by realizing ones talents, through discussion and conflict acquire self-knowledge and a greater understanding of the objective universe, to put power first and learn to adopt adequate discipline and mental training to empower oneself, and determine what is beneficial to ourself, and earns himself respect and self-honor as we moves closer to achieving our goals. Work on our talent, talent defined as “do what is suitable in our nature to do and acquire set of high skills and knowledge”. Only through conflict, inspiration, gnosis, empowerment and initiation can one truly know what the master’s keep hidden and unveil that which promises mastery, power and talent, the hallmarks of a Darth and earn his or her self-evolution. Through the learning and study of things such as control over the self, exaltation of self, and elevation by self-development, growth and transformation. He or she must complete the mastering over oneself and break ones chains and to be free, and whose accumulated strength and actions will culminate in a social order by sharing those benefits and principles that supplicate the strong with allegiances and give the weak something to aspire towards and serve.
Self-development, growth and transformation. Can be summed up with these quotes:
“My definition of self development is whatever benefits me in happiness, joy, quality of life and skills that is our passions, which when developed increases our strength that we may need to further improve ourselves. Growth is a focus on gnosis, illumination, wisdom and power, which is power over self. I gain power over self via my self-empowerment and rituals (discipline and mental training). Through continued understanding, confronting and integration with my true self. Whilst transformation is the greatest, it’s the culmination of breaking all conditioning and reprogramming myself to be a isolated consciousness free from externalizing the power (whether its to individuals or deities) that actually belongs to me, bringing my strengths to the fore, turning weaknesses into strengths, discovering all of your strengths you didn’t know you had or preventing the burdening of our own consciousness, by anything that could limit your own strength.”-The Way of the Sith Part 2: World Mastery
“Every decision must further your power.”-Darth Chirikyat
“We Sith are unseen opposition. A phantom menace. Where the Sith once wore armour, we now wear cloaks [plain dress]. But the force works through us all the more powerfully invisibily.  For the present, the more covert we remain, the more influence we can have. Our revenge will be achieved not through subjugation but by contagion.”-Darth Tenebrous to Darth Plagueis
“Sith is a believer in the force. To become a lord of the force one learns; The Force is the realization of your godhood, it is the heat of the moment, it is crushing the enemy, it is the victory of love, it is sex, hate, hunger, greed, positivity and negativity. The Force is in all things, and the Force is your freedom.”-Darth Kelterne
“Darkness is a friend, an ally. Darkness allows us to understand others, to see what they value when they believe no one else is looking. It allows us to be honest with ourselves, to express those values that we would disavow in the light.”-Darth Revan
“The dark side means freedom, freedom gained through victory can mean freedom for all. By attaining freedom you are set you free by the very force since it breaks all social conditioning from you by gnosis or wisdom because you face your darkness, you are the wielding the force.”-The Way of the Sith
“Many Sith view reputation with high value. However being able to remove the power of opinion others have over you and how it affects you is a strength. Removing their power is a power in itself. Focus on what you can control, like opinion, desire, aversion and pursuits, in a phrase, whatever are our own actions, and embrace or accept what you cannot control, like property, infirmities, status/reputation, disease and death, whatever are not our actions.”-The Way of the Sith
The path to the dark side can lead one to gaining awareness of ones own limitations and breaking free from perceived limits, fetters or blockages which includes chains and fetters, eschewing values that are viewed as lowly, weak, cowardly or elevate those who show weakness as praiseworthy in that society, protecting oneself from being exploited, used and easily manipulated, pride and self-esteem in our achievements, or seeking and acquiring recognition for those things, grant ourselves the ability to feel good and elevate ourselves in our day to day lives (passion), not be easily pressured or forced (strength), acquire mundane worldly powers and to compel and thus have influence through centers of power and dominate asymmetrical to put oneself at the top and become indispensable in the hierarchy (power), and break the chains and fetters i.e. all of the weaknesses, issues and flaws that we’ve been programmed with (victory) and thus increase forward movement, confidence, freedom, success and rise in the hierarchy. To these ends we must be able to recognize certain values that may achieve the ends of victory and glory/triumph. To that end I’ve stated that strength and power (which are a means to an end) is the basis of dark side adages, dark side values or the protocols in the second book in the trilogy; “The Way of the Sith Part 2: World Mastery”.

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