Three Schools of Sith – Part of The Next Step Chapter

This is part of a chapter I’m working on in the third book of my trilogy, The Way of the Sith Part 3: Doctrine of Action and Hierarchy.

I think Sith come in three kinds, schools or styles of Sithism that it can potentially be like from one to other in order.

The objectivist take is that we must use reason to understand the underlining objective universe, through a good understanding of the nature of ourselves and the nature of the dark side, you’ll be able to confirm or validate your beliefs and aid your survival, fight for your corner of existence, and gain proper conditions that allows ones talents and skills to gain self-actualization to properly perform our role that is in accordance with our nature. The second is occultists or “rational occultist” where self-interest is taken further and utilize philosophy, psychology, mythology and occult studies to form a outlook or perception, passion is a fury for life that drives one to a conflict with circumstance, aiming for the goals of sovereignty, the Overman and apotheosis, who encourage one another to keep moving forward, and various practices can be used to decondition ourselves of unuseful or self-limiting constructs, do void meditation, magick and Sith sorcery, as well as to use our willpower to shape and mold the environment according to our will and self-satisfaction.

The mysticism is what is usually missing from modern ideologies, that truly could make it compelling and a driving force for evolution. The third is emperorism which takes extended of ones will towards a continental and planetary help and guidance to develop, grow and transform as many people as possible, so that they can gain what is in their benefit. To desire what will get out of it, thus if they do have loyalty, its really loyalty that’s conditional according to ones self-interest. This allows for social order which accrues benefits to the person in question, so that every person can ultimately get something out of a system, rather than only the better off or privileged. So I call this expectation of the individual getting something out of a social contract and reward for the cultural benefits, educational benefits, security and order, the basics of this is what I call Sith benefits.

The way we gain these Sith benefits is through Sithist order, duty, discipline, freedom, personal happiness and strength, the latter is built on a foundation of strength. The emperorists believe in collectivism to distribute the resources to those who are gifted and those require resources to perform their role or post well. also believe in the mystical worldview, magick and Sith sorcery, this is because at the very least it unlocks dark energies that can be then internalized to imbue with metaphysical power that at the very least will a psyche us up in order to take action. This gives one the power to alter or shape the immediate environment and surroundings to suit your will, its the “positive mental attitude” made popular by “The Secret”, and that the New Age movement promotes with the law of attraction.

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