Tenet: The Eight Statements of Power – The Power of the Dark Side

Knowledge, understanding and wisdom all three lead to power. Intellect is the forwarding of understanding to reach states desireable to the practitioner. Intellect is the administerer and overseer of magick, a specific brandishment of magick is sith sorcery that which alters ourselves or others as we wish to because we seek the gains of world acclaim, power and esteem. The power of the dark side is one that moves the essence of man to his or her purpose, the singlemindedness of purpose to pursue with utmost devotion to one perceives line of logic, form, memetic structure or idea. Its the realization of what one cares about and his reason for existing. Power makes magickal solutions impactful and resonates within minds by the centre of the overseer, the seat of the intellect. Power of the dark side can be summarised in the following;

“The distractions of the light, of the mind, is what relies on the light to confuse you. The true self begins to speak louder, the more in darkness you are the more the conscious self shuts up and realizes that it has no argument to be afraid of darker forces, darker gods, beings, spirits or energies is what calls to us and we call to them back. Its the work of evolving, in darkness do we evolve. Confront the fears and overcome it and the darkness opens us up to it. We will begin to receive a power that is beyond controlling, the Jedi fear its corrupting influence, its a corruption, influence and temptation is a nature phenomena, if you believe in its assertions then you shall evolve in that darkness to be the most powerful being you can be… We sustain life from it.”-Ravana Nuun

The power of the dark side has certain statements to tap into:

1. Power is your endarkened self, your true characters or aspects of yourself colloquially known as the shadow self, that we tap into through our ideology or the Sith training brought out through that process, a necessary preparation for having powerful individuality, strong will, having very incredibly strong sense of power craving, engaging in conflict with circumstance (victory) is some ways to realizing parts of your shadow mind and learning to become unafraid of the darkness within yourself.

2. Power is free from imperfection, powerful dark side energy will shape how society is structured, determined to be free to be empowered enough to instil in others the right discipline, mental training, persona or rules as a way of life, it creates inner power for those who want to spread that way of life to others. Metaphysical power and inner power help creates our reality, power within translates to power in the outer reality. Power guides and makes self-made individuals. The power of the Sith is in creation, maintenance, and destruction. Power is in the ability to create your reality, and beckon others towards its construction, definition, fulfilment, and maintenance.

3. Use your tools or mental weapons to fashion a power that is impenetrable to the enemy or to those allies that want all the secrets. Your true purpose should always be mysterious, keeping your plans, protocols, and vision mostly in the shadows, as that is how it successfully captures people when you assert your will and provide suggestions.

4. The best way to beat another in a battle of wills is to have sovereign will to be able to put your will and agenda above all others, and strength of will to be able to withstand all potential backlash, objection, critique, resistance, or adversity and not be taken off balance in a battle of wills. A sovereign will is what can command yourself, if you cannot command yourself then you cannot inspire or command others.

5. Being someone who is master over chaos and uses it to help or hinder yourself to determine what your part of your daily discipline you should keep. A powerful person may also be the will to shape, manifest or mould the reality according to their will.

6. The break of a habit creates a change in the machine. Take stock of all your mental and physical habits. The best way to drop or alter habits is through discipline, discipline will cut down some of that habit at a time. Just trying to drop that habit out and do it cold turkey rarely works for anyone, because small changes are much easier to make and will decondition you of any habit that you find hinders you more than anything else. Struggling with concentration and meditation is likely the result of your physical and therefore mental health. Fixing your diet, exercise regime, rules, discipline and mental training will sharply improve your mental health and therefore you’ll have a powerful mind.

7. With increased power, strength, profit, or position improves, make sure that those around you and especially those that are below you gain some kind of reward or benefit. Since the success of your will or agenda carries tangible reward or benefit, they’ll be more inclined to strengthen you and support you by contributing to your tools like knowledge, understanding and wisdom which leads to you becoming more powerful and achieve victories when they believe that your victories are their victories.

8. Potency are traits are all built upon actions most admired by any generation, the Darwinian struggle makes the strongest acquire vast profit and power, the determined, strong and passionate can achieve even greater hidden potential i.e., controlling mind and body, the ability to resist pressure or force and to deal with and endure adversity, and the passion to pursue a goal to its conclusion despite one’s foes. Potency is the following result of some of the best hidden potential; adventure, exploration, mystique, self-deification, daring, will, knowledge, magick and strength of will.

Power can be whatever produces respect, love, and admiration. Examples of what this can include is self-empowerment through discipline and mental training, intrinsic motivation, taking responsibility for our actions, not making the same mistake twice by striving to change after making errors, facing emotional labor, emotional intelligence and have self-control through a design where we can be tried, tested and proven, keen awareness of programming or conditioning and strive to overcome it, not being controlled by ones baser needs or addictions like drugs, alcohol, comic books, movies and television, and be true to yourself (wisdom). Wise people with intrinsic motivation don’t need a task master to make them follow what useful, to be principled or follow a regiment, but rather follow these things because of dangers or traps of not being those things. They take responsibility because are the central agent of life and do not blame others for their own problems, inadequacies or sufferings. They are not a slave to cravings because if you are a slave to your cravings you will not be principled and thus will make deep errors and mistakes.

One way to understand what happens when we pursue Sith ideology is to understand by way of analogy, its a sort of alchemy, and is placing ourselves in the flames of our endarkenment, which is what will burn away the impurities or aspects of weakness that have been plaguing us, complacency, stagnation and other things. So that means that everytime you drench yourself with the storms or torrent of water that is the source of the cosmos, the dark side by the imperatives, rules, precepts, traits or principles of endarkenment, you emerge out of it with a greater flame that imbues you with your spirit, it becomes each time a closer resemblance of the real you, your true self, your shadow mind. Thus we must be able to pursue imperative of the way of the endarkened and help ourselves utilize it.

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