Ideology: The Thirty-six Sith Rules

From the first book in the The Way of the Sith trilogy.

Tenets are the principles or rules about nature that allows one to confront or face oneself or others, in a way that will help one understand knowledge, knowledge of oneself or others, physical or metaphysical. To see what awesome power you have within yourself as a being that is one its way to garnering a whole and healthy mind. It’s meant to help keep track of what is your advancement through the paths of Sithism, from inner destruction, transformation, and self-mastery. Tenets or precepts is part of the path of power that Sith follow.

Sith Ideology is based upon gaining the most out of an individual, so that they train their minds to become like a weapon of their will and perspective. Being able to wield it like a sword to enact change, adaption, or advancement in the world at large, its consistent with struggle, which is fundamentally struggle is also about growth, evolution, and adaption. To grow with the power, wisdom, knowledge or illumination, to evolve with the times and be able to use values like conflict so as to get stronger, overcome adversity or face risks, and to adapt which is to be able to get in touch with your true nature, become true to yourself, and work to overcome circumstance by claiming victories, as well as to put yourself and your will and agenda in advantageous position compared to all other wills vying for domination in this Darwinian struggle.

The way you decide to think about yourself and affects and helps you reflect on your true hunger for power (thanks to Lady Kurai Kage for the suggestion). We work on ourselves to drop the false pretences of living a lie, living according to base survival rather than trying to reveal and integrate with our true nature, a powerful inner black flame, we wish to remake ourselves and understand and awaken our true personality. The ideology will help us in achieving this confronting and integrating of the true self or shadow self as we call it in the ways of Sithism. There is no way back once you decide to take a myriad of paths through Sith ideology, once you confront yourself your old self may fall away in the black flame, replaced with something more akin to powerful, sovereign, and complete individual.

We will look at these different aspects of Sith ideology, the training, rules or maxims and what it takes to become a higher man/woman. As Sith Shadows, we acknowledge we are always evolving and as our perception changes our world changes. All people will hopefully learn how to tap into themselves and the natural cycle of evolution through different means to empower themselves on a deeper level. This path isn’t a one all be all path. You must use what will grant you a healthier or practical application of what will work for you. It’s the way of the Endarkened for the Sith.

1. Action from expert, philosophy, psychology or mythology type of knowledge is most conducive to wielding power. Power is being the one that defines the best of what we do. Power is what leads to freedom or prestige.

2. The strong rule with iron wills and the weak should be submitting or subject to the will of the strong and willingly follow their authority. Tyranny is mistreatment like depriving people of individual liberty, liberty is allowing good choices that elevate us (self-development, growth and transformation) and being free from self-limitation and hindrance.

3. Every decision must further your power.

4. Never deny your passion and your power. Passion is what drives you or fuels you on to achieve things, its what elevates you day to day and what makes you feel good. Power is what people find naturally compelling and be your subordinates, be subject to your will and recognize your legitimacy as an authority. Hunger or passion will get you find the answer you require. What’s the way to gain status? It’s through actions of merit, be it aptitude or skill.

5. Anything that is perfect or great can be achieved through great passion, struggle or sacrifice. The struggle for dominance is the struggle for perfection.

6. Will and perception is a prerequisite to your power, you cannot start to gain power unless you have a firm basis in that of will and sithy attitude (sovereign wills, discipline and mental training).

7. What does not kill us makes us stronger. Trials, tribulations, desires and experiences makes us a little stronger every time we try to overcome such impositions, difficult circumstances, discomfort and minutia. Each time we’re undergoing hardship we can grow from it.

8. The Sith, being opposed to all of the Jedi values, do not encourage selflessness, kindness or charity. These things really weaken one and make one taken advantage of without gaining anything in return, not even inspiring change in the behaviour or worldview of the beneficiary.

9. Give yourself over to the belief that you will not calculate to live according to materialistic doctrine, don’t accept what they call ‘comfortable and complacent lifestyle’ and act in such a way that you will not be tempted to return to it. The darwinian struggle to overcome ones enemies, ensure survival and accomplish ones cause of freeing oneself from self-limitation and hindrance, and creating order. Idealism is the belief that ideas rule the world, rather then material needs. Leaders arise because of invoking a particular spirit, character and politics.

10. Thought and action should be geared towards both seeing the good in that which people call “bad” or “negative”, and choose action over abstraction. An aspiring Sith Lord is encouraged to see the negative emotions or instincts he or she sees in themselves as a potential source of power.

11. Actions in service to the dark side give you the benefits of the force. That will unlock understanding, knowledge and devotion, and the dark side is where your most potent latent power resides at. The light side is peace, pacifism, dispassion, selflessness, sacrifice and service and can be the expense of oneself.

12. The power of the dark side is best wielded from the shadows, the shadows is where you can gain power without sacrificing ones complete agenda, plan, mission or purpose and ones sinister goals (sovereign goals). The best way to maintain a secret from an enemy, is not to tell it to a friend. Don’t tell your full plan to anyone, give pieces to those who have perform their role well, have expertise or power, thus have a goal or purpose to serve.

13. Being in control of ones actions or goals is autonomy. This requires difficulty or challenge in order to gain wisdom over our own reactions, so that we aren’t triggered by events or experiences and instead head off those reactions and act reasonably when others expect you to act predictably.

14. The ultimate goal of the Sith to evolve beyond all limitations, including whatever limits nature and nurture might have imposed upon the individual Sith Lord. We want to eliminate all anguish or pain from ourselves, so to that end we remove self-limitation or hindrance.

15. The Sith teach that we must harness our emotions and to that end we must learn to reach inside when we feel emotional and grip those emotions tightly, until they begin to burn lightly or feel detachedly cold. We must not be ignorant of our emotions and abilities.

16. We wish to realize order through strength. Order is the fundamentals of society that are greater than the sum of their elements, that is survival, growth, competition, prosperity, creativity and freedom.

17. The Sith want what is best in us, whats best in us is the Sith code, which allows us to achieve anything.

18. Controls are meant to make us miserable and in despair, like arbitrary fiat. We wish to set ourselves free from the shackles of religious and state arbitrary authority.

19. The Sith apprentice is expected to be obedient to their master and to follow their orders without question.

20. You shall place yourself above the weak. You are above those who are merely content with their lot in life, it’s at these moments you must leave people behind unless you wish to be held from your goals.

21. Triumph over one’s struggles gains one strength. Struggle is grappling with our inner pain, turmoil or contentment, struggle is also about growth, evolution and adaption.

22. Combativeness or conflict enhances strength and brotherhood. The rule of many is based on this. Where many people are asked to compete with one another, choose an opponent with similar characteristics. Triumph over one’s struggles gains one strength also.

23. We must continually restart the cycle of the Sith code by gaining new goals. If you find yourself lacking in a goal, learn your passions well. Its never too late to do so. Find five of your passions and focus most of your energy on the five goals that are based on them.

24. Your main ways of ascertaining what is true to you rather than what is useless or flawed is logic, reason, passion and experience. Learn to build knowledge into your wisdom based off your experiences.

25. A human resource is the most natural resource of all. Utilize manipulation and dark psychology which allows one to use human resources for ones interests, for attainment of our goals.

26. Sith indulge with restraint, in that indulgence while is desirable, pleasurable and satisfying, indulging with restraint earns one a certain level of difficulty or challenge, and builds up self-control.

27. Sith engage in challenges to test ones strength and increase the mental, physical and spiritual growth.

28. Don’t settle for status any less deserving then what your aptitude, skills or abilities can prove.

29. Become the new lords, don’t settle for anything less than living in according to the Sith rules, tenets and ideology in a noble manner. Live a life of effort, do things with the intention for excellence, doing your duty when people shirk, mock or it’s frowned upon is still best.

30. Power is being the one that defines the best of what we do.

31. There is no victory without a strong backbone or courage. All tenets, all excellence, all progress, all educational and all cultural benefits are based on first being able to face adversity, criticism, critique and to keep your cool and stay classy when you need to effectively communicate across your ideas, will, agenda or perspective.

32. Power without a foundation of great strength and responsibility is nothing but a compelling blunder, carries with it a measure of respect or influence but does not lead to real world status, victory, or other things. It’s very vulnerable to difficulty, tension, and indecision.

33. We must be able to deal with circumstances grounded in our knowledge, preparation, and in our spirit/potential. Potential is gained by strength and power, and potential is trained by difficult or challenging work. Power is maximizing potential.

34. Cautious agreement will win allies. Make sure you have a reasonable degree of certainty you can accomplish it in a reasonable timeframe.

35. Casual complements go a long way. Even superficial ones.

36. Stand your ground.

The foundations of what it means to be a modern Sith are commitment, self-mastery, and self-deification. The ideal behind the self-mastery concept is complete control over yourself, your future, your emotions, your temper and well-being, gaining supreme control over our own body and mind, its personal responsibility, objectivity and being able to compel many people personally or politically. Commitment is your weapon or tool of achieving success where others give in. Self-deification is seeing your beauty or power, and putting yourself above all false religions, unworthy arbitrary authority, and false constructs, for example, social norms and social pressures.

Sith Advantages:

The Sith are most interested in absorbing and accumulating energy or vril. With the increase in energy your passion and power increases, as this is brought to you by the dark side focus and wisdom of the phenomena of the dark poles. Energy gained means you can gain greater understanding, knowledge and devotion.

Empire means understanding your darkness and spreading your shadow mind influence through seduction and persuation.

Sith increase their knowledge and wisdom to be able to relinquish the chains of any of the masses or normies, to endear ourselves to others, increase potency to become the one who enacts his or her will, and set the agenda so as to be able to increase ones powers.

“The dark side means freedom, freedom gained through victory can mean freedom for all. By attaining freedom you are set you free by the very force since it breaks all social conditioning from you by gnosis or wisdom because you face your darkness, you are the wielding the force.”-Edwin Ferreira

“Many Sith view reputation with high value. However being able to remove the power of opinion others have over you and how it affects you is a strength. Removing their power is a power in itself. Focus on what you can control, like opinion, desire, aversion and pursuits, in a phrase, whatever are our own actions, and embrace or accept what you cannot control, like property, infirmities, status/reputation, disease and death, whatever are not our actions.”-Edwin Ferreira

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