Magickal Worldview

This is a important chapter, this time from the first book in the trilogy, The Way of the Sith.

A cosmic vision is one where you must want for a great many things and to harness your true self’s power craving, intrigue, myth and magick to aid you. You must use the seat of your mind to call forth the substance of the universe to do your bidding. We live in a magickal universe filled with infinite possibilities and potentially is of unlimited power.

‘The power of the dark side’ is where the true nature of the Sith is understood through, that chapter will help anyone with understanding what the Dark Side is about and what to do to tap into its dark current, the source of all dark creation and the universal cosmic will behind the most monumental empires. That is attempt at creating a gateway for all Sith to put their will above all others, it’s a partial explanation of what it takes to acquire infinite power and rule. Tenets is the path of power explained in a way that is unique to Sith and the ideology as the mechanism will help you confront yourself and re-create yourself into a Sith.

The first step is accepting what the principles are of metaphysical reality, the actual building blocks that make up the world and how we attract the force into our lives. Will or mind is the beginning of our thought, a mind is more than intellect and reason. It has in most of its matter large light and dark energies, we must learn to channel it and thus to acquire infinite power, this should be understood in a practical worldview. We secondly need to have strong intent and desire and by having the worldview to manifest desired outcomes. Force power is what we must learn to channel and put into our worldview to bring about great victories. Use our desire to flung it out into the universe to produce a desired outcome. We don’t seek to titilate with abstractions or be the whims of whatever the rational mind happens to verify through science or soundness. This we take for granted as true is the following:

‘The force energy of the universal substance is made manifest in our lives. We seek to use our will and utilize it to the fullest extent to control our selves and to know and influence the universe. Everything that goes back to our actions is within the bounds of our complete control. To get what we want a timely manner there is always knowledge and preparation needed. We believe in the attractive force of our minds, that have converged forces into our life to bring about our deepest desires by our mind power, ritual or magickal work. Our intent is how we, the magickal practitioner, hones in on what we want, fueling it with visualisation and desire, and making that the new reality. Discipline and mental training are what empowers the mind, power concentrated is what has potency, and sharing power loses potency.’

‘The force is attracted into our life through what we do to open up our third eye. This is where the energy of the cosmos interacts with us the being the channeler of power or energy. The third eye is opened by one’s illumination, be it enlightenment or endarkenement, basically the same concept which means to attract vril, light or dark energy through our third eye and expanding our consciousness to utilize ever greater stores of energy and funnel it into a beam through your will or intent. That process of channeling stores of energy works through breathwork, void meditation, pathfinding, force cultivation ritual or mantra’s. ‘The power of the dark side’ is my explanation for how true power can be brought to the fore and used by anyone with the courage, determination and will to perceive the true source of the force, which sometimes gives us the vision or transmission to work our intent, status and power further. Rituals do some amazing things for us, they banish bad habits, they help us transform, the invoke force power, they enhance focus and goal-orientation, and they promote self-discipline. The power of our rituals is directly dependent on the power of our will and intention. Rituals are designed to enhance our growth, they psyche us up to make us feel like we exerting our influence on the world, whether by word or action. Thoughts, reasons, emotions, beliefs and action (head, heart and hands) help create your reality.’

‘Respect or power gained always must be earned, not given. Never form a parasitical relationship. The force may provide us with understanding, knowledge, and devotion. The force is to be trusted above all else. The force flows through is all. The ability to use the force is power. Ideological ideas are metapolitics, politics is downstream of metapolitics. Beliefs create a lot of power. Embodying the truth well in ones’ own life and action from expert, publicly or widely recognised knowledge is the way one can wield power at one’s best. Power is being able to do something better than before, defining the very best is ultimate power. Authority is confidence, command, respect and influence. All beings deserve a fair chance to obtain power. Once you have acquired power, never give it up. Never allow family to stand in the way of power. Never let your friends get in the way of your power. Let others keep worrying about popularity, recognition and reputation, while you hold the power. Suffering is inevitable. Accept your authority so that force will be harnessed by you rather than thwart you at every turn, accepting authority is accepting all the force, accepting authority is accepting all the force.’

‘It is therefore necessary to keep our will strong and endarkened, free from the influences and forces of modern decay, all forms of stagnation, any influence from light side philosophies, and any attempt to try and limit our personal advancement or growth in any way we see fit. Not to be constrained by any illusions or other quandaries designed to constrain us, when there is substantial increase in gain and advantage, our will and agenda is placed above all others, garnered power will grant us freedom and prestige i.e. breaking that which causes limitations to be placed upon us. All to gain glory or victory. Being freed from self-limitation and hindrance is broken by your gain and advantage, what clouded your mind or physically restricted you is lifted. We choose strength and potency over weakness and apathy. We are freed from the mental chains others put on us, what clouds our minds and the self-imposed chain. Especially the mental chains are broken by self-development or growth (every step of the Sith code has some self-development or growth), particularly through understanding and the tests that arise in every area of our life, that help us deal with our problems.’

‘We can achieve anything possible. With our intent we will attract it to our life if we have sufficiently potent emotions or instincts, emotions like anger or sadness, and instincts like will to power, competitive spirit, instinct to fight rather than flight, your struggle through passion such that you will be able to fully engage in the darwinian struggle to overcome backlash, obstacles, resistence or weaknesses, to adapt to dynamic and changing circumstances rather than remain comfortable. We will attract into our life with enough desire to bring it about that experience or situation. So we have intended a situation or experience so it will be stored if it is fired out into the universe with enough desire, it must be like an electrical current whirring into a generator and producing the desired electrical output. What we input into and what we process within our mind is what we will get in terms of the output. Quality in will bring quality out. When we choose that desire it must be such a strong desire, it must be strongly believed. The most important part is the visualisation that you use to bring about that thing, you should be able to feel and see the situations where you will likely obtain your desired outcome, feel what its like the moment it is handed or won by your cunning or orchestration. Visualisation is what ignites your passion and fuels your intent to help you deliver a quality performance for the duration that it will take to get that desired outcome. The next component is that this must be timed so that its done at the stage that the universe will best bring it out into fruition, it must be done at the stage where it is possible to receive it and that this is being considered by any of the people involved. The last component is that it must be very realistic, so you must expect that a person of your caliber, skill or beauty can obtain that which you desire in the way you desire it.’

Let these be a new magickal tenet as we take a foothold on this earth from now on and for when we have taken the world’s population under our influence.

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