The Dark Side – Ultimate Victory (For the Sith)

Finally there is the ultimate victory of the Sith. The ultimate goal of any Sith is the freedom one attains from the obliteration of one’s temporal chains. This is what one can do in the interim between power and victory. That is where the process of utilising one’s power of beliefs, tenets, and observance of natural law to break the chains that binds one to a web of lies, the control matrix that the elites of the world have manufactured to create a docile, mediocre, corrupt and useful only to be competent enough to get by in one’s day job but not strong enough to know when you’re being taken advantage of by being kept dependent on others.

That isn’t to say that independence, self-reliance, and self-governance which makes one self-sustainable is all that we’re about. That’s the advantages of freedom when one reaches its pinnacle. Rather, it’s about the relinquishing of one’s chains of stagnation (passion), succumbing, easily toppled, pressured, or forced (strength), external barriers (power) and then mental chains by one’s power and then achieving victory which relinquishes all the blockages or problems that ail us.

The imposition of limitation and hindrance is what the shackles are. The hindrances of the status quo problems (system problems); degeneracy, risk aversion, oppression, blind following, anti-personality, dependence, decadence, weakness, and collapse. Limitations are weakness (fetters), issues, and flaws. Fetters are enslavement to falsehood, things that do not conform to reality. Fetters really cause one to be dragged down by a rock tied around one’s waist, in the sea. The ultimate cause of these problems we face in our life that diminish one’s personal growth, you may raise your goals and aspirations but find that you continually berate your own results and have a clouded perception which will make you feel like you’ve come short and it breeds failure. It may also be a mental limitation that prevents you from openly communicating. Perpetual reasons for distortion of reality that seems to infect the lives of many in this day and age are the following: spirit-crushing control, exploiting naivety, and languishing, and fetters are what produces pain.

The most natural thing in existence is to free ourselves from conditioning. By denying ourselves self-discovery and self-actualisation, we allow repression of emotions, characteristics, traits, the repression of good, bad, beautiful, and ugly. Self-limitation causes anguish; self-limitation is always an obstacle or restriction on your growth.

Self-limitation is an artifice of programming that ceases the forward momentum or movement, confidence, hierarchical advancement, and rising up on your own, with your own two hands. Beating back self-limitation is gaining the effects of self-reliance and independence, as well as doubling your power. Issues are the things that cause you grievances, turmoil, or cause error in your dealings; issues may be mental disorders, psychosocial disabilities or mental states. They are issues, and conditions encompass various cognitive, emotional, and behavioural issues that may cause concern or distress or impairment in functioning.

Flaws are the toxicity of taking to an excess your strengths, to such an extent they are inappropriate and don’t follow from the conditions, when a measured response was needed to carole people around your magnetic persona and direction. The most common types of flaws is doing the right course of action but; (1) catering to the wrong crowd, when you aren’t reaching the target audience, (2) not fairly representing alternatives, (3) muddying the waters, and (4) making a mountain of a mole hill. Fetters are the reasons for pain, issues are neurosis, malaise, rather disadvantageous values or mental illness, and flaws are bad timing or inappropriateness for playing out particular strengths.

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