Sithism Summarised – Teachings Forming an Perception

This post is a sneak peak into the third book in the series, The Way of the Sith Part 3: Doctrine of Action and Hierarchy.

Helping and guiding others is a good way to teach yourself, and spreads your words which is basically personal power, the power of what you state is fueled by your will, desire and passion. Power is improved developed, cultivated and improved by the basic components of any personal and political power (powerful mindset) i.e. rules, plans, vision, principles, protocols, tenets, ideology, adages, mottos, politics, statements and natural law. That which informs your perspective is those things, which will help you to obtain your will; it is what you are going to do to achieve your will, what you’ve already done towards that will, and what you’ll do to help overcoming stagnation, and an important detail its the story you tell yourself about you and the world. Its the things you must push yourself on and its the things that you must go through before achieving your intent or will. Perpective is also about standing up for yourself, not taking insults, demeaning remarks, attacks against you or slander and actually confront them on it. Its taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions, and all actions have some consequences. Your trying to make you exist mentally beyond all the stages of your life, so that you are immortal. We do not whine and moan about things that we can change. That is a victimhood and entitled mentality. Perspective contains ideas or ideological ideas that can portray some compelling advice or suggestion towards a particular purpose, which not everyone has to know right away but sometimes they should be notified as to what that perspective is trying to accomplish. Protocols was laid out in the second book, rules in the first book, and self-development, growth and vision was the point of much of the second book for specific topics.

We seek to rule mankind in a sith order, force sensitivity is placed as the highest thing to aspire to find, people who by nature tap into higher levels of passionate energy or power. We embrace truths, personified or universal truths, they are both what I like to call tradition. With customs just being whatever actions one habitually does to conform with the teachings of tradition e.g. spirituality like introspection, ritual, mysticism, magickal mental techniques, force powers and spiritual hierarchy. One of the primary things Sith believe is that “you care not for the racial, societal, cultural, religious conditioning, those are folly without something true i.e something within reality to point to. If any restriction or limitation is placed before you, that are not compliant with ones owns will then they are burden to be released from unless that barrier is to your future benefit.”

The sith believe that preferences are personal and perfect for humanity because humanity requires a strong will and preparation with the intuitive deconsecration and true will necessary for power, power being a guide. We believe that our intuitive shaping of our strength by focusing on a task with passion, with emotion or instinct so that we do things with speed and strength, being able to withstand all pressure or force or remain unshakeable, as well as wielding our emotions with embrace by grasping them and keeping them below the surface is what leads to such emotional control. While self-control in general is what will create for us a abundance of inner power if we pursue things that in whatever fashion or form is most difficult and challenging. For some sith the Rule of One is as their doctrinal decree.

We believe to become a darth or lord of the Sith requires tuteluge under such darth or lord. In their mind, anyone who is self-aware, self-conscious, self-constructed, self-knowledgeable and self-inititiated is a Sith. We believe anyone who is self-liberated is a sith, which means we have eradicated weakness from ourselves and become a endarkened being capable and willing to do what it is correct to them, correct and inline to their own perspective and will, living with true will, one without consecrations that put restrictions, limits or binds around you.

Sovereignty tells me that “you are no longer bound by the limitations of the mundane worlds expectations, self-limitation, hindrance or compulsion of arbitrary authority mandated decrees and fiats. You are bound by the laws of nature, discipline, self-control, confidence and consistency, and anything that is outside of yourself that limits you in any fashion is likely to be a falsehood or a harsh restriction. Free from manmade fiats you are ruler over self and find the source as your powerful ally, faith in yourself, you are truly a Sith and walk a path that few have tread.”

We believe that qualities is the things that make you who you are, the combining of spirit and life (inherent traits and order), the soul of a individual that constitutes character or personality (traits), style (potency and strength) and emotional attitude to society or environment, culture of freedom and instinct.

We want to be fully aware and self understood which is good philosophical and mystical experience but it takes a discomforting thought and venture into the oceans of the subconscious that reveals your true self, we have to venture into the darkness to come out stronger and fully integrated. More than aware of what that could mean, we have to acknowledge, fully understand and resolve in order to integrate. That is a trial and a journey to self-discovery we don’t wish to abandon or put off to suffer. Awareness is useful cause to have, this requires a journey into the depths of our psyche and further into the shadow mind.

The sith believe that the realm of action is where we find the better part of our nature, struggle seeking, active, motivated and aware, these are the parts of true being, our true self as we gain our strength, potency and our passion. These are the components the average person would neglect without a necessary formal or informal mental training (willpower is basically about how well you can overcome your programming to an extent so that you aren’t controlled by someone who knows your weaknesses, to not be a slave to your basic urges, and prove to everyone who have what it takes to succeed as that is not possible without managing ones impulses, emotions or behaviours to an extent where you can achieve your long-term goals, and without foregoing the ability to deal with conflict or engage in conflict whenever you see desireable behaviours as being appropriate, you then despite being criticised or questioned can engage in those desireable behaviours to achieve a goal perceive). Absorbing beliefs about it doesn’t quite surfice, challenges are needed to explore ourselves deeper such as that of the darkest of shadow work, sith apprenticeship things of this nature. The realm of action is where strength and potency remain the supreme values for all, the capacity of our inner strengths; willpower, resilience, perseverance, tenacity, discipline, understanding, knowledge, tools and persona, mastery over instruments, resources and people, psychic potency, cosmic perception, mythical worldview, magickal worldview, myth making, reliability and unshakeable will. Aspirations are metaphysics I have cultivated for us all, active is taking actionism on board, will to struggle is freeing oneself from pain, turmoil and contentment and awareness of the world is ideas, ideology and natural law on one hand and parts of reality that have been relegated to the background of modern thought in metaphysics. This may be the requirement for being a good leader too. I’ll get to potency soon.

What do I mean by objectivity fundamentally? So that you won’t ever sacrifice someone else for you or sacrifice yourself to somebody else. Being objective also means respect the freedom to live without physical violence being used against someone (right to protect society from coercion), and the ability to live free according to one’s best interests or ability to actualise ones volition to pursue what is suitable to that persons long-term interests (right to use ones innate freedom and liberty). Right to be free from coercion and right to innate freedoms is all about protecting people’s natural rights. Also called the iron laws. There is alot of ground for the taking by such a message, that a worker can own the fruits of what he makes, or owning the value of what is produced, and provide the freedom for actualizing the greatest opportunities for prosperity possible which is only possible through autocracy. This is where wealth, faith and power can best be realized through reducing the tax and regulatory burden on companies, like removing corporate, inheritance, capital gains and income tax, allowing for free trade, and reducing the spending of the state and basing all spending practices on hard austerity measures, so that all spending is backed by existing savings and investments, real tangible built up wealth to fund state or elite progress towards the future of the nation’s developments. Be it infrastructure, policing, housing free from parasitism, educational and cultural benefits, business, military funding, and healthcare spending, so that people can be able to support themselves while they work and actually have places to stay during that process. So that important things are paid for by purchase credits, which is paying in advance the necessary expenses for good housing and only taking a small portion of 4% from a persons annual paycheck to pay for that housing (admistration, cleaning and utilities). You need to a education system that doesn’t mean feeding people propoganda to hate your history or tradition, instead we will affirm the Ubermensch and how to live a ascendent lifestyle, which promotes mastery over self which is mental training and discipline, and what leads to Sith benefits through duty, freedom, strength, order, and personal happiness. As well as promoting critical thinking skills to be able to come to ones own conclusions and answering all questions, rather than having some sort of backlash against questioning our new regime. We remove the self-enrichment of the parasitical class, and instead promote effort, hard work and western ethic.

What I mean by legalistic rights is the appropriate affirmation of natural rights, which is what a person can do with their own volition to survive, and that this is protected from being violated in any way. Which basically means that what one can do to survive is not hindered or undermined in anyway by barring someone from doing what is required to survive, this protection is meant to also affirm that life is struggle and nobody is going to carry your weight for you for long. Each person must be able to pull their weight or otherwise be relegated to receiving minimal resources from the charities or other organisations. Those are some of the laws of mankind that we acknowledge and respect. Coercion just means you won’t use force to get your way, except when threatened by a actor that has made a credible threat to use force or by a actor that has used physical force to unseat someone from power i.e. a political enemy. Objectivists and Ayn Rand would say that the thing I have chosen has value because I have conluded that it makes my life better, based on all available evidence. The most important right is the right to work and not have your fruits taken away arbirarily paying for everyone’s fair share, instead when there is a tax, and this depends on which state one lives in, whether it be Sith realists which wouldn’t want any tax or some that do have tax, it will be a flat tax as a sales tax or something else less intrusive that doesn’t punish people for making alot of income or double, triple, quadriple forms of taxation that keeps taking away from the persons paycheck.

To control and make us bow down to things external to us, this is what control systems have been designed to do to create programming to make us always look for some external things to rely upon, to give to our power to, voluntarily reliquish our power to perceived authority figures as people see system personelle or celebrities as worthy of venerating, onto people who do not have superior knowledge or wisdom, rather we are holding onto to every piece of power and choose what influence we want to have over us personally. Face the fears as you confront yourself. No one can deny the challenge of life, the Sith challenges, which is something you owe to yourself. Stay true to yourself and everything you know, live by your knowledge and wisdom, the paths, metaphysics and philosophy that inspires your way. It is in our nature to not give in to life’s governments because they seek to restrict or constrain us, to eliminate and suppress our freedom of our body, mind and soul.

Do not deny that which is causing you fear; circumstance, situation or experience may control you without you being at the ready to handle that situation, it may be quite difficult. You should have courage in mind when things acutely challenge you, you should think back and see yourself as thinking and acting with courage. Realize that worry and fear is a paralysis of effort and ceases activity. Hold the ideal within your mind and it will begin to manifest given enough energy. Its the storing up of energy that allows you to deal with any trouble that comes your way. Strong expectancy if he desires those things hopefully, confidently and courageously, then he or she may bring about those things that we need. Men or women are mighty magnets which may correctly bring about those we focus our energy and helps put into place unformed substance, you’ll be better, see better and act better whether such things are really occupying your thoughts.

If you have rid yourself of that which is limiting you and thus allowing you to be freer, active, confident and courageous, you’ll find that you won’t be using the power of thought to the fullest extent that you endeavor to. To face our fear we must sometimes try to tap into courage must throw aside that stringent thoughts is to assert your courage, natural laws and death to help you. Worry is coming from a cause that is your fear, with worry it molds a wall of fear in the way of your victory.

Desire and interest is a mode of inkling and urging you to do the things you want to accomplish and to seek the things he likely needs to set forth on and actualize what he or she wants to gain. If he desires so strongly that it causes himself or herself a great pain physically in its absense or if situations don’t permit to easily attain those desires, he or she will then demand that they cannot stand it any longer and will endeavor to make changes. Its pain that is the worst of all things but the best in getting people to act to take changes seriously and make a concerted effort to change their lives. This is why this challenge is of utmost importance. Try the path of inner destruction or inner alchemy to deal with your phobias, fears and anxieties. Its unfortunate but fear is what impedes any desires.

Darkness is your character traits that you can embody in your way. They are; ruthless, courage, honor, determination, perserverence, warrior ethos, mystical, potency, machiavellian, dark intellect, merciless against decay, sinister, unrestricted, mind power, self-control, fearless, commitment, indulgence with restraint, integrity, wisdom, brotherhood, energy, passion, strong and powerful.

Darkness is conquering our weaknesses and apathy, turning weakness into strength or power, its the draining of our ego tank to overcome some other being i.e. for a physical, mental or soul freedom. Soul freedom is the most intriguing, its the soul’s experience as of psychic potency, magickal worldview, myth making, mythical worldview e.t.c. You seek to be free in body and from the constraints that things like death can intoxicate you with, subconsciously averting your intentions and powers, things that stun your progress, things that prevent you from reaching your highest heights. Soul freedom is the break from the illusory, the pain thereof. Irregardless of attempts at control and subversion we affirm the self; as freedom of the body, freedom of the mind and freedom of the soul. Its defiantly moving from the attempts to control and subvert so that we close the gap between ourselves and our true freedom. Freedom of the body is freedom from constraints and hindrance, freedom of the mind is freedom from the chains and freedom to cause impact with willpower, freedom of the soul is the pursuit of infinite power from the fire of our souls.

“Fire from the depths of our souls is the freedom to pursue the road towards infinite power. Freedom of the soul is enacting the true self in the world where it matters most, where we work, politically and in our lives, that and this will utilize the force powers to achieve unlimited power, that sith persona should we be seeking to cultivate. While mental freedom is the impact of willpower, and things like reliability, inner strengths are examples of how willpower and discipline is what helps us in creating our reality, this is along with persistence and consistency is what produces a result that will further and/or gain our power. Inner strength is things like resilience and tenacity. Inner strength gives you the power to control your willpower (body and mind) in a manner that doesn’t easily conform to the externals we are faced with, but rather withstands difficulties or obstacles like how normal people will break down physically or emotionally you can withstand what is fatigueing, rudeness, bad things happening or calamity, that is what willpower or discipline does. Freedom of body is to be free to pursue things as we enjoy them and to be free from self-limitation and hindrance.”(The Way of the Sith, by Edwin Ferreira)

“The empowerment that we seek is embodied in the dark empire creed for a world order based on the imperial values of; so that the best of us is supported intellectually and socio-economically and our individual sense of being can be placed high pedestal until it has had its ideal expression, making of a force order, creation of free and autonomous places, battle against all forms of man made conceptions that inflict pain, agony or conflict with our beliefs in our god, we must struggle against all weaknesses and engage in the struggle for our position, a body politic whose politics takes care of things not decided on by the independent nations but deserves being heard and decided on to elevate the human spirit, build up the people and that’s anti-repression and anti-colonial in provision, which shall create territory free from law and regulation under the auspices of a authority, the protecting of meritocracy and territory belonging to sovereign people, territory that can be used as a staging ground for dark arts, military training, sorcery and metaphysics, meritocratic elevation of men and women so that there is plenty of opportunities could be the state of affairs as dictated by many creeds, to create a new variation of man capable of ruling without fear and with supreme competence, making our people, all those ardent supporters and servants out there to gain a wider reach that is global in scope, increasing the political momentum of our upstarts in politics, and the knowledge and wisdom of the order is what outlasts us, order and empire for eternity. The disorder of the light does not exist in perpetuity, it’s weakness and apathy, our empire exists in our minds. We master ourselves to then master the world or struggle for sovereignty is to be the ruler and influencer of our own reality, for sovereignty do we create and conquer the earth. Man and women born free educated to take care of their individual ambitions, we do not impenge on the freedom and liberty of the individual. Complete individual freedom and complete responsibility, you are free to do as you will, the only universal rule is that you avoid unecessary killing, harm or theft. Order for us is the perfection of humanity in tenets of freedom, survival, prosperity, creativity, competition and growth. Liberty is the will to success, the actions we want to take in order to gain what is the most desired. Freedom is being free from constraints and hindrance, anything that could curtail, harshly restrain or subvert your sovereign will, with the exception to that sovereign will is not to do any unecessary killing, harm or theft, only light siders seem to believe in egregious exceptions. Finally in the endless pursuit of Nietzschean “the Superman” or “the Ubermensch”.

Also the following kinds of beliefs; endarkenment, primacy of the spirit, idealism, will-to-power, world as object of organization, rank as social distinction, society as organism, fulfillment of duty, hierarchy, discipline, authority, society as an organic unity, sexual polarity, order and stability.”(The Way of the Sith Part 2: World Mastery, by Edwin Ferreira)

“We use our passion to help us overcome obstacles, but its only power that will allow us to overcome it fully. Passion though gives us the necessary impetus to act, to further our claims and make us of our time passionately, doing something we have been passionate about in a way that is with commitment or dedication that has been fiery or bursts of energy, the passion and emotion is what we should be using at all if we are to further our proficiency. The strong expunge all mores, social norms that we’re all aware of (or want to) such things that stop our need from being fulfilled and from being taken seriously must be expunged, the passions are the ones that are stoked as heavily as we can make it, the passions that drive us the most and give us the most elated feeling. Our heart in this manner is really our passion, its something that makes us happier, angry, hateful, elated or love. What we are passionate about is what we don’t tire of, what makes us feel many emotions, what we cannot get rid of or ignore without causing us pain or mental anguish, passion makes us less dependent and passion is what we desire greatly. These are a few principles of passion that has served me and others. It helps us break free from running from what we fear, so that we don’t have to be on our toes all the time. An slave is “one who waits on another” or “one who does their bidding.” Is is struck in perpetual servitude, with no will or ickling of their own but rather simply does what is expected or demanded of them.”(The Way of the Sith Part 2: World Mastery, by Edwin Ferreira)

“There is then by the ruler a regimentation of command and obedience in the citizenry, in substantiating the common will the ruler may create for himself a spiritual crisis, where the citizenry may realize that in the spiritual beliefs he has upheld there gives rise to a common will where they realize they do not need the ruler anymore to sufficiently practice it which is when democracy arises in lieu of the good job of the ruler he or her makes their own undoing. This is why political craft or practice is doubling power by egoistic and social function, and the need to maintain both and its power, how can power deal with a pluralistic society? Regimes seem to be met with resistence, unless it takes and shapes belief; ideologically, religiously or mystically. Whatever makes the populace realize that their psyche, spirit and apriori mythical states of being is best cast onto them by wise rule the better the chances that a force order and political elite can continue to engage with the populace on good terms. What about that of order? Surely its the political order that makes a natural order be engaged with on a massive scale?

The imperative and mythical state that proceeds from power to the political realm can be naturalistic or divine, it can fit into a grander worldview that seeks the self-liberation of like-minded individuals. Thats where I particularly sit, its for the few that can envision their world and a future where the world is more suited for all i.e. imperial values, where things like our empowerment, and all that is basic strengths, discipline, self-control, sovereignty, freedom and prosperity can be trained into us over a period time before society becomes more or less ordered. Its certain subconscious energy that makes us worthy of the title of darth, it promotes within us statements of intent; exceedingly high power and yet immortal and amoral, infused with discipline to better live without others having to pull our weight and yet mysterious and incalcubably unpredictable by enemy eyes, a calming exterior and yet a reigned in storm from within.”(The Way of the Sith Part 2: World Mastery by Edwin Ferreira)

“Problems are overcome by our dedication to our wisdom, our applied knowledge to circumstance, conflict with circumstance is what yield strength and it forces us to evolution, minor adaptions, change, growth or death.”(The Way of the Sith by Edwin Ferreira)

Liberty is the actions that are wise enough to create an system of self-preservation or survival, the mechanisms and therefore structure of survival. Liberty is what it takes to cope with large scale changes, ideas or ideologies, philosophies, religions and so forth, to be able to keep an personality or adherence to groups so that this group can select for strength and positive traits as opposed to undesirable or weak traits. The entire point of groups then is to be able to take advantage of its best members to take a position where they can best make decisions without arbritrary authority getting in the way, and act upon that will to create social order and do the groundwork for cosmic order all based on the foundation of strength. So the strength and sovereignty of will is what is required to make amazing accomplishments, feats and desirable outcomes, that to me is liberty, liberty is the right to take action that takes ownership of ones consciousness and remove the weight being placed upon it that drags it down into mediocrity, decadence and docility, and therefore the will to success. Its the motivation to seize any opportunities needed to fulfill your will and gain success, a real reason to carry on. Things like your character or strength amongst many other things which will be covered later as part of individualism is part of individualism, its removing the chains or weight dragging us down by taking upon one self the creedo to “stay true to ourselves” which includes realizing our part of the grand scheme of things and finding our place in the social order by our innate character. Individualism is very Sith like and mandatory for belief in the mantra and any reasonable explanation of it, is a strong self-belief in ones powerful mindset, physical characteristics, interests, affinities, talents, aptitude, skills and education to do what ones spirit is most suited to do and/or who we can become (maximum assuredness in ones individualistic characteristics/personhood, and destiny that can be summarised as innate character and abilities of heroism and pursuit of truth). And I have an section devoted to explaining what individualism means to Sith which I will quote here:

“A higher sense of individualism also works as a Sith persona; to keep one’s sovereignty through one’s cultural, economic, political and financial independence amongst large-scale systems, to integrate the darker aspects of our nature into a whole and healthy shadow side, never surrendering when faced with difficulties, challenges or powerful adversaries and never giving in when holding your ground and pursuing your desire, goals or purpose. Also individualism can mean; never denying power or passion, learning to listen to your passions, never failing to live upto your sense of obligation, to never be ignorant of ones emotions and abilities, to confront ones fears and face adversity with a sense of courage, and to have a sense of competitive spirit so that we work for the prize, like wealth, respect and power, or of course for status to acquire territory, extend their will, gain valueable resources and push back perceived competitors and foes out of contested territory, always prize a culture of freedom and so on.”-The Way of the Sith Part 3: Break the Chains by Edwin Ferreira

Growth comes from the maximum attainment of ones own inner power, ones power over oneself, that power is cultivated through a period of breaking my conditioning through my ritual work, pathfinding, breath work and meditation, reimagine and rework myself till I have ultimate control over self free from issues, flaws, weaknesses, trauma or problems. That is what breaking conditioning means in a nutshell from the framework of my paths, philosophy and information.

The dark sider then is one who is freed from conditioning and mental slavery. We avert the dangers of ego dissolution, ego debasement and affirm ego as the embodiment of the sith way, the ego as the catalyst of dark side empire, the lesser will of a greater collective will, that accumulates strengths in a shared hierarchy and of values and beliefs. Passion is letting those “true sins” of mankind leaving them behind, affirming their themselves as the rightful heirs of a dark empire which they and many others are becoming aware of by their engratiation to the darkness dwelling from within a grand endarkenement. Where the irrationalist and the objectivist can live abiding by nature’s laws and accept his or her faith that what we desire and sometimes love is ultimately an advantage and we hate is ultimately the pain and disorder of the light. The endarkenement is the prevention of our own dissolution, its the engratiating of people to the darkness awaiting your awareness and patience from within to gain irrationally a bounty of strengths, and discerning and overcoming weakness that instill much pain in us, particularly are in the way we react to people in our day to day lives which typically is in the way we lie to ourselves about that pain as a coping mechanism. The darkness exceeds much of rationalist thinkers, it also exceeds generic explanations and must be sought after.

The programming is the help to create the individual persona of the false self, the persona of constructs. This construct was created to help you survive in this society, the I am on other hand is the sought to integrate with the conscious self, the subconscious self to which we refer to as the true self particulary when it is integrated with the conscious ego self. Anyone who believes in this would be considered wrong or doing wrong-think by trying to make this integration happen and likely would be viewed as daemonic. None the less its the application of our true self, true skills, true mentality and true persona, thus it is a superior version of ourselves that is beyond mere survival but a powerful and possibly compassionate self. Keeping this information confined to left-hand path thinkers only is a diservice to you the reader, you should do your best to clear your mind of everything you think you know about yourself. This is essential for you to comprehend the dark side and the sith, better comprehension and use of your rituals, as well as the left-hand path, to begin to change this programming that currently dominates your existence, and dominates the current situation you are in. We don’t wish to eliminate any part of the self, that is a true evil and anti-egoism.

This is what will empower you and compel you to go deeper into your subconscious mind. You need your ego on these paths, use your ego conscious self to separate yourself from the paradigm you exist in. By separating ourselves do we create our universe. Introspection and rituals help you do this. The true self is always trying to teach you something, these lessons can be rejected by the ego conscious self by being too big headed and not owning up to our issues. When we recieve a “ephiphany” from our true self, it is just that, ninety nine percent of the time its from within you, not some external entity.

Learning about the dark side and dark force emanating into our lives we undergo certain changes; “Hate turns to a manageable hate, angers turned to self-control, rage turned to exhiliration, doubts turned to clarity, fears and anxiety turned to embracing fear, arrogance turned to belief, folly turned to wisdom, knowledge and clarity, deep pains turned to relief, self-loathing turned to self-respect, pridelessness turned to resisting anti-pride, despair turned to power, fear turned to superiority, bewilderment turned to passion, and finally to gain strength, potency and self-control from having a mixture of weakness and apathy.”(The Way of the Sith Part 2: World Mastery by Edwin Ferreira)

Weakness and apathy is moving away from our strength and potency, weakness and apathy is brought about by a lack of consistency, discipline and self-control, what we lack in those areas is where havok or chaos can be rought in our lives. Common forms of control that is meant to take advantage of any weaknesses, commonly is the mental chains meant to keep us in a state of bondage and/or binds as explained under natural law BORREALIS framework in the first book, its also the mental chains that are from the fetters we learn to deconditioning ourselves by the endarkenment (or called enlightenment by some) of accurate suggestion and top quality information. Strength is helping with our resoluteness, that affects the realm of action and solidifies our will conceretely spacio-temporally, strength makes us butt heads with others who conflict with our goals, doing something contrary to what we do, that poses a conflict which may be irreconcilable, sometimes its merely due to wanting the same scarce resources or position. The only right course of action is one that increases our power in such situations, and makes that awareness of conflict totally behind the veil until its far too late for the foe to do what is in their best interest once we have claimed the win for ourselves and administered action. Strength and potency are both making us agents of the new order we wish to create, as both require a journey into the dark, and both make us less reluctant and hesistent to take the course of action most befitting us for power (because we use our strength to fulfil our potential, that power is magnified by what we discover and incorporate into our selves) and for those whom don’t stand in the way of our rule and require reward.

Facing and destroying our weakness or turning them into strengths, as this is part of the way as we’ve defined as being inner power as in the complete control of our mind and body. We are therefore being conditioned by the light side to reluctantly give away our power or diffuse it and not really put it to use. A true lord is someone who commands his or her own willpower. What humanity lacks willpower is therefore easily led astray by weakened willpower to bow down to externalities. The true lord therefore must hone his or her willpower, thus is part of the way and must be. Self elevation in day to day, discipline to stick to one idea, sometimes a singular goal to put all of our energies to use, its always incomplete work that is the result of a weakened discipline or the unaddressed weaknesses of other kinds. We are masters.

Potency is the brutal honesty with ourselves and our perceptions combined with disciplined effort to figure out the flaws or weaknesses that have held us back, this requires introspection, analysis, self-knowledge and good reasoning. The intellect is how we endeavor or reach the right conclusions about ourselves. Many people may have had their intellect shot by too much indoctrination from the light like religion, education system, family or societies foundations and so forth because we weren’t aware of what constitutes as being programmed. Programming or conditioning is to accept the harmful beliefs to ourselves, the pathological memes, ideas, concepts or constructs that the light manages to keep us in a mental cage, those things that may have been believed when we weren’t on a dark path but don’t make sense on analysis or that don’t ring true intuitively. The light frequently also makes us take a back seat to controlling our lives, changing the course for others and fulfilling our destiny. We cannot afford to have such misalignment.

Its always about a misalignment between thoughts and actions, as this suggests that we think one thing but betray our thoughts by seeking out pleasurable or amicable action that benefits us and is therefore selfish, always it is regarded as being a selfish act when thoughts suggest we should do what is in our benefit particularly for power, strong desire or passion. The correction is in selfish thought, we are always functioning to pursue our desires or interests, we should always try and indulge in those desires, to find enjoyment and when emotions are apparent we therefore gain strength in them, some strength is gained in this process of self-fulfillment in that way.

Another misalignment is between facts and feelings, when we feel a certain way but the facts suggest an entire different world to us. A world of conflict and predation, while the world operates on the surface level with some brevity, peace and submission, underneath it lacks it in disorder in the form of constant changes taking place, as people rediscover their dominance laying dormant or seek out a powerful sith persona but lack knowledge to change their situation as this suggests they may not have sufficient intent or the teachings that help them reorder their lives, such as with rules, principles, protocols, tenets, ideology, adages, mottos, politics, statements and natural law. Then there is the four goals of the Sith, plans, true will and cause, these four form intent, the rest help solidify a perspective or series of ideas all loosely connected to the intent or the personal tastes of a dark sider. The ideas are a benchmark for how well we are doing on the path of power or endarkening. The four goals of the Sith are included here, which are self-development, self-actualisation, self-mastery and self-deification. This book shall focus on self-mastery and self-actualisation.

Darkness suggests that we acknowledge when facts hurt our feelings and re-examine and restate what we believe in to see if we are in the right or not. Underneath the surface is where the truth is, truth is in the dark or abyss (subconscious), and helps us understand where we are at, in terms of strengths and what we must master in terms weaknesses. Our potential is what grows from strength and power and this is what is give onto us from darkness, our angers, hate, doubts, fears and anxieties are likely to be helped when we face our darkness as our weaknesses or flaws are burnt or etched away or turned into advantages. Indecisiveness, dealing with randomness or coincidence, obsessions or addictions, disturbance or emotional anguish from break ups and family feuds or scuffles, procrastination, elevated anxiety from rude or inconsiderate people, public speaking anxieties and other fears and so on. Some weaknesses that are normally disadvantageous can be worked with and turned into an strength, which is gain and advantage, that will help anyone in fulfilling their potential. What we are transforming from and into something new is a ongoing process.

Being free of fetters is feeling that you are no longer subject to things you where in control of, things that cause pain. You swim fast like a dolphin when you have faith in your journey, you can merely peddle when you have only reasons behind when you make a decision. Faith grants us the ability to make the next part of your journey come forth without having to know exactly what should directly follow to meet your ends, just that you are correct and it is very possible to do what you set out to do.

Self masterly is about destroying the mental chains, its therefore key to fulfilling your role in the universe. Magick is the destruction of the constructs that have melded into our minds and prevented us from altering ourselves or growth, we defeat constructs through suggestion and mysticism. Faithlessness is one such stimying mental chains, it holds its grasp onto the part of the mind that is most formidable when unlocked, and this is the imagination, emotion or anger that are some are needed to back up or position into our minds eye to project upon the world in our daily rituals. Faithlessness is a pain, it makes our minds softened enough to not take many things on faith, use our faith in the force to make our will in the universe, accrueing up of our energy and using it or holding onto to it to energize our wills and prepare us for a difficult trial or series of actions we must undertake. Faith is needed for passion to be actualized in the name of our deity, to be able succeed in gaining amazing bouts of power, faith is thus a ability that holds us true to the reasons for our passion, the amazing lost powers that we are could wield if our will can accept it. Faith is being formed into a personal follower and adherent of a way that blazes past all disruptions and seeks out a great power. Faith is a inferno that sets our souls on a passionate resolve. Destiny is the warriorism or heroism of a dark templar, ninja or master and garners us an advantage over others.

Burning or etching takes the role of being your own forger in the flames of deconstruction, that melts away all the artifice or constructs weighing the stronger metals down or weakening it so that is breaks apart at points when struck, the flames of burning and etching is a deconditioning influence, as it always is by the fire of our ritual.

Deconditioning and reprogramming is elimiting of what has built a self-limitation around what is conceived what is possible in our lives. Energizing and revitalizing propensity for taking action and thus refusing to kowtow to the belief system enroaching upon darkness, the light of the constructs that have filled our minds with bad quality ideas or concepts, things that stagnate, dispassion yourself and thus not want to raise yourself up by your own strength of will, selflessly adhere to systems of control or disempower you. Faith is the rejection of bought and paid for people to work for specific interests rather than catering to the public’s and customer’s interests. We have faith that order will function when much of the restrictions have been removed on the economy to bounce back from a crisis or depression. Faith for the dark sider is whatever we say will increase liberty, freedom, order or trade because there is always reasons to believe that a government created problem can be dealt with by removing the disease rather than the symptoms.

The governments of the world have made red tape, preventing entry into industries and politics, as the number one issue facing all people. It makes bureaucratic red tape would eventually implode even the states with a “oversight” to prevent too many “rogue” officials from entering and superceding state elite groups and monied interests. The other advantage of this that some leading currencies will allow for their use everywhere so travel will be easier.

Some advantages through Sithist order, duty, freedom, discipline, strength, and personal happiness and gear towards giving rewards to members and supporters (Sith benefits);

1. The empire will be able to help the people of the world become masters over their destiny.

2. Providing discipline and mental training. Discipline is formation of habits to do the things you know are beneficial to you even if you don’t want to, and mental training is the exercises that strengthen the will and improve your self-control.

3. Much more advanced technology, a matter of pride to funnel resources to imperial projects.

4. Establishing the thought, program and means of action to instil common purpose and confidence.

5. Protect and maintain respect for the family, hierarchy, property and spiritual systems, which is objectively true.

6. Removal of bureaucratic redtape. Going directly to the public support, going for hard austerity measures to tap into pre-existing savings and investment removes all the blockade on getting funds and supporting imperial projects directly.

7. One world currency, preventing the relegating of poor currency societies into trying to play catch up with big economies with strong currencies, provides ease of travel. This will create a diverse global elite groups of many different kinds and raise overall prosperity for the people. Some public banks will be established to provide low interest loans, and establish high interest saving accounts within these banks.

8. Introduction of intergenerational goals, we spend on things as a collective or individuals on things that benefit future generations such as global games, physical education and arts.

9. Administering justice based on fairness and common sense of protecting ones pile of things and punishing aggression rather than non-aggression, punishments and expulsions will be common place.

10. A willingness not to mix as equals with the natives, acceptance of the qualities of any particular individual. Never as morally superior but as merely different.

11. Respecting the native’s way of life/deeply held socio-cultural traditions, the primal beliefs is accepted amongst the ranks, even tolerating barbarism.

12. Restoration of law and order and truth worldwide, moving away from materialism.

13. Providing defence, foreign affairs and economic policy for large swaths of land.

14. Encouraging freedom culture such as independence and sovereignty.

15. Advocate for and put into practice capitalistic individualistic tendency to personal responsibility, initiative, competitive business, acquisition property, hereditary wealth and econonic individual gain.

16. Create a functional political polity that is free from injustice, corruption and ineptitude, basically no longer rewarding it.

17. Establish a much greater freedom for the flow of money, labor and capital across nations.

18. Provide meaning, direction and purpose to billions of people, so that they pursue the hierarchical and heroic ideal of action.

19. Understand state actions and motivation through structural realism (neo-realism).

20. Economic freedom is readily provided to own the value of what is produced by workers, as well as develop and provide oversight over security, autonomy, freedom and liberty, within the nations when neccesary.

21. Within nations, remove all corporate taxation. As they already spend alot on recruitment and investment, it penalizes the companies for attempting to grow. Punishing these companies with a additional tax is only going to hurt the employees because the employees are developed by continual new recruitment and investment by these companies.

22. Demolishing rent-slavery parasitism.

23. All-inclusive free child care should be provided, state-funding to provide early screenings for women who are pregnant, affordable formula, and free and high-quality gynaecological support. Building public nurseries, so that there are plenty of working women and men to support a growing population who require them. Approved charities should be provided to support those dependent who cannot work. Provide work protection for any working woman. Cash payments that equal to the relating expenses of childcare, support large families by reducing their tax burden by each child they have and supporting all families with interest-free loans for cars, education and housing.

24. Immediate home ownership schemes (very slow low-interest payments) for expecting women. Reduce the needed working hours for couples with children between ages of 0-10, from 8 working hours down to 6. The compensation will be provided from state coffers to provide for the 15% losses in income.

25. Energy sovereignty. Become sovereign in meet all energy requirements.

26. All public housing has the tenants have their utilities for a lifetime paid for as purchase credits. Which they only have to pay at 4% of their annual income for the working man or women, including for any debt due to getting loans from the government on housing, cars, or education. This will make it financially viable to have a home while working.

27. Generally a individual can be arrested while commiting a violent, fraud or theft crime, escaping in hot pursuit while being suspected of those crimes, or anyone who is a escaped convict.

28. Ban on all international slavery.

29. Ban on anykind of income, capital gains and inheritance tax, that keeps working families from garnering any amount of wealth, which is meant to ease the burden on future generations and so that we don’t disproportionately tax the poor. The main generator of state wealth should be state-led investment, give states power over organisations seeking investment and the like for environmentalist, infrastructure, education, healthcare, business and military funding.

30. Teaching people strength, willpower, strong body, noble mind and a heroic spiritual character, and a clarity of awareness and understanding of nature, to respect nature and use what is bestowed upon us for personal competitive advantage, to fight better than the enemies that are likely to arise personally and collectively. This is in contrast to weak degenerate body and filled with knowledge but not developing the natural inclinations of students who end up worse off if they do not cultivate a natural reasoning, learning about what aids in living in accordance with nature.

The other massive advantages we can look forward to is the creation of giant public work schemes. This will provide the necessary boost in industry, creating millions of jobs so that people are creating what actually is cause of the wealth for the countries, physical creation of things, their transportation, distribution and storage. That will for a time be able to allow people to advance in tech for instance based on merit or skill, without any corporate oligarchy or big government in bed with it to restrain that sector by ludicrous ideologues, pedants, censor boards, and the like. They will become a powerhouse to fuel a growing empire.

Darkness is about the breaking of our weaknesses, what we felt is holding us back. This is what will increase our power two-fold. Weaknesses are the things that make us do things we don’t like to do, react in ways not conducive to our power, self-fulfillment, personal growth or evolution. Weaknesses are always the result of some buried problem that we have yet to confront and overcome. We burn or etch away those weaknesses in the light from within the dark. Thats where the best work is done for the acolyte, as well as magick as this is what unlocks gateways or doors to our potential.

The sith do not deal in extravagance, decadence or hedonism. Those are the things of multipolar world of materialists, its reasoning designed to tittilate the mind in abstraction rather than empowering the unconscious where the real power is held. The real power is what we deem it to be by our sovereign wills, what we desire most and what the lords of the force want. Hedonism is the rejection of pragmatism, strength and power, leaving not much else worthy of note including the appearances of being well suited to the common interest. Once only appearances are left then nothing else matters, so they don’t make for people of mutual interests to count on. This makes for a very lopsided view of the sith also, as the only thing that matters is sensual desires then that leaves the cause up in the air, as well as any plans and protocols of note. Thus is hedonism very base and restrictive to our kind.

Hedonism is duplicitious because people will act only to serve those sensual desire rather than count on oneself. We find that this is too extravagant a belief to hold, it removes much of the continuum of desires from the list that we hold dear. We can desire pride, excellence, expansion, friendship, love, companionship, safety, money, goods, adventure, thrill, knowledge, wisdom, self-improvement, honour, patriotic glory, freedom, spiritual fulfilment, reconciliation, power and wellbeing. These are just a snippet of some of the things we can yearn or long for, giving us the real hunger to see things through to their ends. Hedonism is an extreme end that foregoes all meaning, duty or honor for the will to be distracted, caught up in desire and thus addiction can set in, sapping your will and turning off your self-awareness. We want people to be sorry for ourself then. Sedentary passion is dying passion, withheld from trials and conflicts it would seek only meaningless abstractions or material appeal to satisfy itself with no bearing on what counts, the passions of emotions and instincts, as well as a different view of desire. Fighting for what you personally believe, your passions, can give you a renewed sense of purpose. Hedonism is the lacksdaisical base materialism of a generation incapable of getting off whatever soap box they are on and committing to an set of goals and taking revitalizing action. The sith role is being a physically, mentally and spiritually powerful person, unwavering in commitment to the cause and to expansion and excellence (progress), and to end we don’t devolve into meaningless abstractions or a legacy of failure. Only hedonism would be a downfall of the sith as we know it hence why we’ve contributed so much to thought that is a revitalization of action.

Improving yourself beyond your limitations is self-control and discipline, as strength makes us hardier and more capable of taking the brunt of whatever life can throw at us, the ability to keep going irregardless of what seeks to pull us down. The ability to withstand pressure or force, that is all difficulty, all trial, all challenges and all tribulation. Strength is the building up of our physical, mental and spiritual growth or potential. Self-control is the ability to remain in control of ones own body and mind to resist temptations, that is willpower or inner power in a nutshell. Self-control is to gather our wits about us and to withstand resistance, torment and pain, turning it to our own advantage and thus be able to achieve goals and avoid problems, not give in to temptations so easily. To not be afraid to take the reigns of our emotions and use them to serve our own chosen goals and direct with them towards a goal. What else this means is perhaps of breaking the spell of spiritual slavery and duress that is tantamount to tyranny that we are living under currently, to take the hand of providence and pulls up ourselves up by our own self-discipline.

Discipline is key to building up strength. Independence is not relying on anybody else for any reason, its about not being dependent on the help of somebody else and its also mostly about attaining freedom in all matters so that we aren’t controlled or easily manipulated – that to me is what discipline should aim to build up and seek to revolt against the part of modernity which aims to take our freedom i.e. those who create chains.

A good or bad outcomes is good for us because its propensity to produce dark phenomena which are imbued with greater organization, intracacy and power, natural phenomena may do that irregardless of being perceived by many as bad.

“Emotional intelligence is a strength few people are aware of, an emotive person has improved perspective of himself, better relationships and a better understanding of relationships, you have knowledge of your own biases, patterns and habits and have the emotional regulation necessary to not be taken in by temptations that we usually don’t want for ourselves. Its the tool to rein the power of emotions and direct them towards a goal, calling on emotions that serve us when we need them to gain unshakeable wills.”(The Way of the Sith)

Duty is a move towards building up a group or community, and that community requires living undivided by arbitrary authority, self-limitation and hindrance to be healthy, its meant to evolve beyond merely that of personal interests – but helping others move beyond their weakness, we have to believe in the idea that man does not have to lead an unhappy life, rather he or she is to provide us with a better life, he or she has the potential for a superior life, one that does not languish. The main principle of the universal order in the form of a organic body politic is based around an “truth-based worldview” and that includes heroic virtues that are duty, discipline, devotion, conviction, and favourable social relations and perhaps sacrifice. If someone feels external to the work they produce, then it will not be purposeful to them which is exactly what an organic system would seek to address and correct. They will then feel that their labor and express their individuality and all of their truths is part universal order. To be there at the centre of the conflict and be the victor is duty, not waiting, being a spectator or awaiting any material benefits of victory. It stands to reason and direct oneself towards work, austere and prescient vigilance of ourselves and to dealing with and being prepared for doing the necessities of life, with that of the eternal laws of nature i.e. duty that is necessity and thus feel that they can face their adversity, hollow interference and heed the call of our calling as they are part of a group that does so. Its only by being what we are that we resolve the weakness of the present era with a character-driven goals like proper cultivation of communal ties, and expressing desire to act according to ones own inborn abilities that is having focus on work that they genuinely enjoy and feel purpose in. By knowing who we are we aspire to be our very best – self-actualisation by the advantage that we can attribute to work done on growing our potential and maximizing it, this means its a desire or strong force that we use to garner great amount of growth. If you don’t meet your potential within a reasonable time frame then it will lead to neurosis, so potential is necessary to be a perfect person.

Self-actualisation can be summarised in various ways. Self-actualisation is the goal for potential, the benefits accrued to ones personal and evolved state of being by the adherence and objective views about ones spirit (potential) and the duty, adherence to understand and recognise the truth and adhere to the truth as we see it particularly its relation to your own outcomes, and the adventurous spirit to overcome and climb higher, a mission/quest to uncover further understanding and love or enjoy all that you do in every pursuits and activity (summarising all three as positive mentality, and seeing the good even in negativity). I personally subscribe to endarkened list but slightly modified by me to fit better with the rest of what I’ve stated on the subject of motivation and self-help. Self-actualisation is; its about having a internal worldview. Let people shame you or try to refute you. You should fight in accordance with ones own self-empowering rules, whichever you choose to play along along or fight by your own rules, and work towards greater understanding and awakening. Passionate goals is what one works towards in each stage of the code, only the means change from each stage of the code, as it is the point of your first breakthrough to glorify oneself and differentiate oneself from the obedience and compliance with the system’s lies. Passion is standing alone if you must to never relinquish the next stage of the code, your strength. You must be steadfast, seriousminded, strict on yourself, and determined to stay true to yourself and therefore your character. Character is the determination about being steadfast to the vision of destiny, or spirit, but there is also a character traits which is central to our spiritual worldview. But since the second book has covered the list of all traits related to the character traits or achievement, and the first book covered realizing destiny, which is forming heroism and pursuit of truth essential to fulfilling potential, I will explain the third component the expanded Sith rules, the second part to the Sith rules of the first book. The third component is the actualisation endarkenment through the expanded Sith rules, such rules are about proposing how to actualise the shadow side in order to further ones rise to power when it comes to mundane power structures and not merely cultivating it within.

Respect those who do their duty well, the greatest happiness is for those who are doing their duty the best. Take the harder path that is growing your talent, character, wisdom and work ethic. Go along with and change thinking, behaviour and act with what necessarily is, that which is is always what achieve ultimate uncompromising victory. Duty is to adhere to a strategy that gets the most out of you.

The components to strategy is to have the necessary components of desire, intelligence and character to know what all the problems are, secondly the courage to go along with it and to bare whatever the situation calls for, thirdly because we will then chart a course and fourthly the will necessary to accomplish anything despite anyone’s interest to the contrary. The other component of strategy is having the resources to correctly navigate, without resources we would not be able to successfully complete a expedition, to solve problems or obstacles, inspiring or impressing people and having the right tools to meet tasks. Accept everything that produces the opposite of weakness, remain strong.

To us duty is the wallowing in the desire to do a deed or feat that makes us more than worthy and capable to take over when the government and state is gone. Its preparation for political, spiritual and economic force. It’s less about talk or grandiose speeches, that has its place in the forthcoming years to rouse the masses but those of us that now agree on fundamentals don’t need much talk.

Duty is one of the ultimate virtues of a patriotic duty to do what is necessary, doing what is necessity is duty of the person to themself for one, its duty to the people or nation as another, its duty to ones family, business and occupation also and that means character-driven goals that best actualize what we hold dear in our hearts. The other principles of duty are: Do what you can to revitalize the fatherland, to give everything we can give to ensure our family survives and thrives, its our own right to liberty. Duty of humankind is education and maturity, free action, vocation of the soul, to gain power and not shirk away and never deny it, that is provided to elevate man’s higher nature and awaken his or her soul and strength. Duty therefore is the very best of education and training, its about doing the very best when it comes to maintaining and uplifting the entirety of the country and economy. Pride when paired with duty is always going to concern itself with any struggle, pay attention even to trifles as this is a principle of duty.

What about the future? If duty or ambition make the present we need a actions that are geared for building the future. Commitment for whats good for our future (foreseeable external reality) includes actions such as guts (self-determination, perserverence, gumption or grit), competition (reward or benefit), mastery/resourcefulness (being able to gather the correct instruments, resources and people for the job or task and mastering those elements), discipline, plans or protocols – these are the things that creates a successful political movement, political group or party in order to hold the same goals and accomplish them. Actions that tend to work well are those that provide with or inform people of enticements, reward and position and why would it be otherwise? That means that future centric actions are about a power mindset and a power mindset should as a matter of course include things like plans or protocols.

We know the implications of seeking external changes without first developing ourselves and seeking self knowledge, seeking external changes right away will only reproduce agony and suffering because they will want to control every aspect of society regulating right down to its minute parts rather than allowing something organic to grow in its place from the bottom-up or top-down (anarcho-capitalism or collectivism). Those of course with the will and power to make their voice the one that supercedes lesser wills to engage and will that manifests the results of freedom culture as well as ordering reality by the strongest wills. Dispassion produces inner turmoil because people are lead by fear and punishment rather than truth since dispassion does not to assuage of people of either but rather conditions to people to accept the circumstances as they are, growing their resentment, emotional regression will only reproduce the system we have as people will be more willing to accept lifelong conditioning. And they don’t feel the need to grant themselves independence and sovereignty due to ignorance.

We respect the law of might is right, so in that way we respect the conflict caused by clashing cultures and what blood may be drawn for the purposes of growth and stimulating our nation’s differences and stimulating the growth during the growing pains of empire by spreading our values and overriding the weak and meager values of other nations that value the sacrifice, service, opposition to indulgence, dispassion, peace and pacificism, the things that weaken you and make you subservient to some power. Rather than abide by your plans, protocols, principles, tenets, ideology, rules, adages, mottos, politics, statements, natural law, true will and cause we follow what will allow for the betterment of ourselves and our personal growth, self development and transformation, thats also what destruction is used for, to destroy and eliminate, to tear you apart to remove the aspects of you that are fake and constructed by society, or produced by you according to their constructs. Which makes them sacrifice on that alter of comfort are all the values they where taught that they thought might contradict the society in which they live, while we the real holders of the perfect paradise has resulted stagnation for them but growth, adaption and evolution for us because we passionately struggle and they have not, we have sought strength and they have not sought high peaks. Such is the way of sith. This is why there are such few true christians and true islamists in this day and age in our culture, because they must feel like they shouldn’t rock the boat so as not to be kicked out of the western country or jeapordize their cushiness and access to superior resources and gain a better reputation in that society. Religious faith is waning while our faith is rising.

Important concept is that of the subconscious mechanism. A persons behaviour is about them, your behaviour is about you, if you allow someone elses behaviour to affect your behaviour, if they trigger you, they manipulate you to enact changes over your behaviour then they have power over you. Ninety five percent of your reality is created by your subconscious mind, a person could have affected your subconscious mind through someone’s creation of reality that we subconsciously or consciously we allowed it to imprint ideas or ideals onto our mind and accepted this reality as true. Thus its important to take stock how your family, culture, politics, religion and society e.t.c. has had its mark in constructing your reality for you and taking back that control. Habits should be helpful in remaking your reality. The subconscious mind is the seat of memory and of instincts, the subconscious mind does not argue but accepts the facts of the conscious mind and organizes that information without awareness of that of the conscious mind.

Programming is the belief that we currently being bombarded with fake information, fake perspectives, fake narratives and fake beliefs. That is to say it may pose a barrier to our self development or growth, we can identify the common fetters that clearly do impose certain anguish upon us and our psyche’s. Making us into impulsive people who refuse the truth even when its handed to us. Entitlement is about refusing to see beyond ones own sense of unearned priveleges, believing that anyone should give us a free pass with all unlimited information and power should just be handed over. This is the age of conceit and self-deception because our ego’s has been carteblanche fed by the system to such an extent where the ego cannot differentiate between the real self, true self, enlightened self, endarkened self or shadow self, and the false parts of the ego that will make us want of things that aren’t produce within us a contentment with circumstance rather than a drive and will to be in a conflict with circumstance (which is passion in a nutshell).

Creating a obsession or strong desire for things that give meager results and which induce in us constraints that are the anguish that weighs us down and will make us sink when the slightest breeze, irritation, adversity or conflict where to come up within our busy day. Such abundance of weaknesses will make us grow contemptful of change, will warrant a reaction that reveals that weakness to our enemy whom will use it against us at every opportunity because they know how to push your buttons to dispense predictably your pain and agony, like the fetters; sleepishness, self-loathing, fear, anxieties, resentment, backsliding, arrogant disbelief, wrong views, doubt, ignorance, unhealthy obsession, attachment to life, overburdening state and herd-mentality.

Remember your training to be unshakeable. Stoicism recognises that some things are simply beyond our control. By accepting this and leting go of our attempts to change them, we can free ourselves from unecessary suffering and frustration. Focus on what you can control. While we cannot control external events, we can control our own thoughts, actions and attitudes. By focusing on what we can control and taking responsibility for our own lives, we can become more resilient and capable of facing challenges with confidence and objectivity. Use negative experiences as opportunities for growth. Every challenge and setback presents an opportunity to learn and grow. By reframing negative experiences as proving oneself or opportunities for growth, we can turn them into positive drivers of motivation. Lastly cultivate a sense of purpose. Having a keen sense of what we wish to achieve is a reason to keep going, even when things get tough. By finding and pursuing a driven field of study, experience, or growth we can stay motivated and focused, even in the face of challenges and setbacks.

The desires you put your effort into, tasks you undergo and goals you achieve or purpose you give yourself to is what makes changes in your vibrational frequency and thus will shape your thought, thought aimed with intent and given sufficient gathering of energy will precede gaining the objects of your desire. What you tend to focus on is what thought you make and given a intent like an arrow fired from your mind out in the universe is what situation, people or thing you will attract for yourself. The more energy you are deeply rooted with in the unconscious source to manifest with, that is what will provide limitless potential a powerful resolve and outlet to magnify intent and unleash it upon any field. Basically any field is what will be giving you the results of your desires, though they should be realistic if you want something personal done, they can be yours assuming you have done the work through incantations, void meditations, rituals or gathered holocrons.

Independence that’s what it means to have inner and outer will that is to get control over one’s own actions and life, being able to act on it without someone being there to control you, demean you or subvert your culture, your sith culture of freedom. “Not subject to control by others.” or “not requiring or relying on something else : not contingent.”, are just some of the definitions. Classical Independence is the philosophy of being a separate entity, fully self-sufficient, and fully in control of your own actions and thoughts. Remember thats why we don’t really believe in trusting good intentions because it doesn’t directly serve our culture, our beliefs or our integrity of being the greatest lord, we want something to live upto not something to merely pander to. Ask these relevant questions; “who am I?,” “what do I want in life?,” “what do I like?,” “who do I want to become?”.

“The weak have no place here, in this life or in any other life. Weakness leads to slavery. Weakness leads to all kinds of misery, physical and mental. Weakness is death. There are hundreds of thousands of microbes surrounding us, but they cannot harm us unless we become weak, until the body is ready and predisposed to receive them. There may be a million microbes of misery, floating about us. Never mind! They dare not approach us, they have no power to get a hold on us, until the mind is weakened. This is the great fact: strength is life, weakness is death. Strength is felicity, life eternal, immortal; weakness is constant strain and misery: weakness is death.”-Swami Vivekananda

Troubled emotions, sinister thought, pride, malice, these are the things that lead to the dark side. We do not wish to protect people from these thoughts and feelings, they help us become stronger. Emotions make our body’s possess the actions most required of it and thus we learn through successive interations our own engrained instincts and inherent traits, it makes us create a better path forward because we heed advice when it’s making a life for ourselves, we can only fix our own lives.

We reject somone getting in our way when its for somebody else’s purpose unless its to our future benefit, we don’t want to be defined by our limitations because we aren’t going to be under duress and slavery. The troubled emotions and pride leads one down a path of power and desire of freedom since limitations is pain, from the limitations will grow contempt, it demands a resolution and contempt will motivate you to correct that which is problematic, disadvantageous or that which gets in your way, its recognizing that something is a problem and that you must fix it based on your tests and current understanding that one can draw from it.

It starts in mind, the force or inspiration is what creates our reality through thought and intent. Emotion may blind those who have weak values but it doesn’t blind us. Those emotions steer us towards our goals with greater malice and intent then otherwise would be afforded those who let them selves become lackadaisical. Relinquishing the hold our limitations have over us through sheer contempt of it that grows malignantly from the centralisation of coordination that has control always as part of its agenda and that has few servants.

If you wish to strive for excellence and truth, then trust in yourself; if you wish to be devotee of the truth, then become a devotee of the dark within you. Know that the map of the territory does not make for truth, its the grounds of nature that which we carry which we base the territories outline that counts. If you introspect, use ritual, want mysticism, utilize magickal mental techniques, garner force powers, develop spiritual hierarchy, seek out selfhood through shadow work, use your experience to learn about your truth you move beyond the maps but find what misaligns with the maps, that the maps are all there is has been a falsity that experience and mystical experience can reveal. Then we can compare and find the commonalities in it that will make us sure in our own beliefs and be sure in trusting ourselves. We can recognize whats truth for us and what isn’t truth for somebody else and what counts as truth for humanity.

What issue do I take with those who reject power? Those who reject power don’t care about what people do. Those who don’t care about what people do won’t care about what we personally think people should do. Those who don’t care about what we personally think people should do don’t care about what could be powerful. Those who don’t care about what could be powerful won’t have beliefs relating to doing whats powerful in their own life. Those who don’t do or care about beliefs that substantiate what they should do thats powerful in their own life won’t care if they are of no use to others or themselves. Those who don’t care if they are no use to anyone or themselves won’t be of any use for our cause. Anyone interested in power will think of this train of thought be left with the feeling that too many people accept into their lives randomness or determinism that absolves them of taking action for power, that leaves people in similar bad situations without the personal responsibility to do something about it. Obviously the “we’re all powerless” line of reasoning is easier, its just harder to believe otherwise.

For the light sider, their values that float around in the abstract in their minds eye is what consistitutes reality to them. Its their belief in being good citizen, playing along, not rocking the boat, giving their efforts towards benevolence, consistency between many values. For the dark sider they place truth, fire and freedom at the centre of their world, orienting around such principles related to the selfhood. Such beliefs need only be eternal. We create our world by ourself so that others could not interfere.

Show me those things, your most debilitating weakness and I show you how strong you really are.

I’m going to stand on my own two feet and be of isolated consciousness where I’m no longer contingent on some other god or goddess, religious mandates, laws or fiat and state control. Having a want for somebody to be there to save us from something else, worship outside of ourselves and seeking to sacrifices to the gods to be accepted into some supernatural brotherhood is to be stuck in duopoly of control that you have no control over and will control you, mentally abuse you and put you in chains and say that its all for your own good. The facts of nature gives us that the strong or well off absorb the chi, prana, sekhem or lifeforce energy is where you prey on that which will continue your line of linege, progeny, glory and victory. The truth is that we gain something for something, the light side tries to extend this to mean that any good that you will do will be rewarded in the afterlife but that good just means being nice, kind or benevolent, that will weaken you and the person you try to save because you prevent them from being able to use their will, opinions and perceptions to deal with their folly, foibles, pressure and problems. What is of concern for us is that what we do is for our own growth and benefit and to become better then the day we where before. Will you understand your weaknesses and overcome them or will you find excuses to manage its suppressed effects upon you.

You are not destroying or moving your empathy, rather its identifying yourself accountability that’s in sight for your potential, you are rather gaining accountability in perpetuity for yourself. You are gaining accountability of over your potential and regain the power, the way you where since birth. If you want someone to do it for you then you will forever be at whims of someone as established religious leaders and bureaucrats.

A summary of the book is as follows (draft): The main purpose and perception that we all have is affirmed by self-knowledge like through our mastery work. Self-development goals is best realized by the doctrine of action. Self-knowledge, awakening and mastery over self is necessary to not succumb to pressures, force and much of lifes difficulties, and working to attain a self-control, real power and wisdom through the doctrine of action and hierarchy, emphasizing the seizing opportunities to gain success. This book in the trilogy seeks to acquire success which includes making oneself worthy of Darthhood by building oneself up by dedication and love of strength and the acquirement of mastery, power, talent and apotheosis. This is a practical guide towards gaining success and perfection of us all. We improve our abilities so as to achieve our desire and affirm and realize our purpose or goals of betterment, empowerment, gain and advantage in the third book of The Way of the Sith trilogy.

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