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Welcome acolytes. My name is Edwin Ferreira, author of The Way of the Sith and The Way of the Sith: World Mastery. The point of the site is to help anyone out there unfamiliar with my work to work on themselves and reach your particular set of victory for yourself, be it personally, to become the best we can be and to test ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually in the form of trials, tests and challenges. That physical, mental and spiritual development or growth is necessary for acquiring the gain and advantage which may come in the form of wealth, power, respect, and influence to gain the status you desire.

This self-help book is an attempt to delineate paths towards power over the self, which must begin before one can gain power in the world at large. The teachings are about self-evolution — committing to it meant to create self-development, growth and transformation. It is about taking responsibility for one’s actions and using the steps of the Sith code to achieve victory over circumstance.

“It is designed to plugin with a person’s preferences, as it is a general roadmap towards confidence, forward momentum, increase your status in your chosen hierarchy and elevate yourself in your day to day life, respect, self-honor, freedom and prestige,” I explain. “It will challenge you and you will be tried, tested and proven.”

When asked what he wants readers to take away from the book, then my answer is, “That we can through our own personal development or growth become stronger than all and place ourselves above the weaknesses that commonly affect the modern man. It’s meant to help us overcome the modern malaise, you know anxiety, fears or uncontrolled anger, or if your emotions are mastered and can be of benefit then use it to at least fuel your goals and live once again with passion. A life of passion will allow you to do things that any goal with speed and strength, will make you feel good and elevate you day to day.”

The second book is very important work. I believe that to be able to properly compel others and to form influence in the world, we need to be able to master themselves. Only through self-control, ideology, metaphysics, inner alchemy, warrior ethos, traits, potency traits and other components can they receive the power to become ruler over the self and become a leader. For him, not everyone is entirely suited to this task but anyone can try. He noted that as Sith, people intend to gain greater confidence, respect and direction over their external reality. They seek out self-perfection through the work and teachings of those who master the self, to have character, happiness, respect and freedom. From my point of view, self-perfection like control, attaining exaltation and elevating oneself, the furtherance of respect and self-honor can only through the guidance and teachings of this world mastery book.

A appropriate quote to add here: “The world as it stands needs a soul, a spirit and a will to enact its many plans and goals, and that is what the dark side offers them. It offers them a cause to rally behind that supports their tendencies for power and strength, while reliably eschewing anything that makes the debased conformity and conditioning of decadence, anti-personality, degeneracy, enfeebled people, apathy and weakness of current comfortable all too easy answers offered by the current society. We are looking to create a new age where such limitations are of the past,”

When asked what I want readers to take away from the book, I say, “To understand the current reality and help provide additional tools like traits, potency traits, warrior ethos or metaphysics to bend reality to our will in our own lives, which is essential to doing it in the world at large. I go into the ways of the Sith on specific topics and deep into my own personal and political power philosophy.”

Glory and Victory to the Sith! May the eternal black flame burn brightly forever. The world is ours!

If you wish to email me, use the website section contact page. Email me through theunbeholden@gmail.com link.

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