The Way of the Sith

The Sith in the real world is a philosophy of discipline and mental training, empowering us to achieve the possible. It’s a philosophy that is enamoured with the strength and power the power craving individuals that wish to be a compelling leader and thought leader for the world, to seek the self-liberation and opportunities that are offered us, we are deconditioned to seize those opportunities. Victory is what we seek, overcome the things that hold back growth, we seek a memetic and philosophical answer to the modern distortions of reality. A people tainted by the outgrowth of modern government and status quo influences, unwilling or unable to move beyond the confines brought upon them in their fears, doubts, worries – the world has confined everything into self-limitation and hindrance that prevent people from being at one with their inner nature or the natural world.


The Way of the Sith: World Mastery

To be able to properly compel others and so to form influence in the world you need to be able to master yourself. Only through self-control, ideology, metaphysics, inner alchemy, warrior ethos, traits, potency traits and other components can you receive the power to become ruler over self and become a leader, not everyone is entirely suited to this task but anyone can try. We as Sith intend to gain greater confidence, respect and direction over our external reality. We seek out self-perfection through the work and teachings of those who master the self, to have virtue, clarity and reputation. Self-perfection, like control over self, exaltation and elevating ourselves, the furtherance of respect and self-honor can only be attained through the guidance and teachings of this world mastery book in this ongoing The Way of the Sith trilogy series.